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10 Fengshui Tips to Bring Positive Energy to your Home

Have you ever wondered why, despite enjoying weekends with friends and family, taking out time for oneself, people keep complaining of not happy with what’s around? To put in other words, people are not able to get the higher level of energy. Its the stress-full life that we are leading. People nowadays are focusing more on interior decoration, choosing everything with care. Not just that every bit is taken care of.  Why not when a person comes back home after the whole day in office one expects the relaxing time for themselves, but if everything done on your part is not giving you the positive energy and relaxation then certainly there is something you need to change.

Ever thought of trying Feng Shui? Yes, you read it correct. Lot many people are getting attracted to Feng Shui. Getting started with it for your house might sound to be tricky initially but with the knowledge of basics and gradually move on to the more complex Feng Shui levels is definitely going to work.  To help you get started with good Feng Shui in your home, today we decided to list down the tips that we guess everyone should be knowing about before finally bringing in the changes.

We all know that everything around us is all about energy and Feng Shui work on the principles that ask us to manage and balance the energy in the right way so that we can capture positive vibes around and eliminate negative energy to fill our lives filled with positive energy.

Listed below are some really helpful Feng Shui tips that will make your home more peaceful thereby increasing the happiness quotient in the family

1. Name Plate

According to Feng Shui, if the name plate outside your home is easily readable in clear and concise manner with the address and number of your property helps direct the opportunities and ethereal opportunities towards your home.


2. Entrance

Entrance is a very important area for Feng Shui for the reason that it is through the main door that the house absorbs its Chi or Feng Shui energy nourishment.


3. Baby’s Signal

Bewildered? Let me explain you all what baby’s signal means. While you are planning to buy a new house take a new born baby there. If without any external influence or reason like the baby is not well or something like that, it means that the energy in that house is not positive and if the baby remains calm and smiles, plays or laughs, you know what’s the sign.


4.  Clean the Clutter

Not just for hygiene purpose, cleaning the clutter in your home for the fact that clutter in a home brings in a lot of negative energy. Throw away the trash, dispose off keep broken or damaged items like watches, telephones, mixer, electronic items, pens, cassettes. They all carry negative energy.


5. Let in Fresh Air and Natural Light

Fresh air and  natural light are essential for good Feng Shui energy that is known as Chi in your home. Don’t keep the windows shut, open them often. Allow as much natural light as possible into your home.


6. Three Legged Toad

On the way that faces the main door of your home, place a model of Three Legged Toads that is the ancient and mystical Feng Shui symbol. It signifies wealth and prosperity, thereby taking care of finances, increasing your savings and bringing in prosperity.


7.  No Broken Floor/Tile

Ensure no tile or any area of flooring is not broken. If you spot it try to immediately get it repaired or replaced as it will spread around the negative energy thereby affecting relationships of your family members. Durable and pure material like a kitchen’s quartz countertop would do great to ward of bad energies. Incase you find repairing is not possible, it has been suggested to cover it with carpet for some time.


8. Fish and Water

This is one thing that mostly all of us know about. Keeping a bowl or aquarium with flowing water and floating fish in your home is auspicious. It helps reduce negativity and invite positive vibes. Ensure cleanliness and it should not be too big.  Placing a small statue of the fish in your bedroom will avert misfortune. Check out the best fish tanks 2021 here.


9. The Unwanted Guests

There should not be any seats, chair or anything of that sort that are so placed with their back facing the entrance. It will invite unwanted guests, which definitely you won’t want.

10. Tibetan Bell

It is suggested to ring the Tibetan bell around the house every now and then. Tibetan bell ringing is said to bring in positive energy in and around your house.


Few Quick Tips for you All 

  • The bed should be placed that you shouldn’t be facing the mirror when you sleep or get up.
  • The stove in the kitchen should not be placed directly across a sink.
  • Doors and gates of your home should open inwards, and open like a double leaf this way you welcome the auspicious Qi energy. A full-height gate in the West will obstruct negative Yang energy.
  • The Wind-chime should not be hung over your bed as it attracts and absorbs negative energy during the day.
  • There should be no trees facing the main door or windows. It could bring in poor health of your family members. So if there are trees there right now, feel free to contact tree removal wichita ks.
  • Colors in the interiors play a vital role in bringing in the positive energy.

To sum up, when good energy circulates within the home, the people living in the house experience higher levels of well-being. It is indeed a good choice to bring Feng Shui. Be mindful of the energy in your home. Make a habit of paying close attention to the little basics of Feng Shui and you can then anytime move further to high level of following Feng Shui. Hope our above listed Feng Shui tips will be of help. Any suggestion, opinion, question is welcome. We would love to hear you say.

Rajni Setia

Rajni is a Mass Communication post graduate with good know-how of the online media. With seven years of experience in content writing she is currently handling various blogs. Her areas of interest are not limited to one or two things instead lot many like home decor, fashion, tattoos and anything that appears soothing to eye.