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12 Creative DIY Ideas to Reuse your Old Kitchen Utensils

You’ve got a lot of stuff, I’ve got a lot of stuff, but what are we to do with it all? Be creative in your kitchen by repurposing old kitchen items like those commercial hamburger press! Not only will you save some money, but you’ll be able to give new life to all those things that have sentimental value. I recommend that you start by checking Kitchen Home, because they’ve got pretty much everything related to kitchens and their management.

Check out these clever ideas and let your imagination run wild! There is no reason to throw away all your vintage kitchen stuff, so go and vote on your favorite recycling idea below. Or, if you’ve already re-purposed some of your stuff, add pictures of your creative DIY idea to the list!

1. Let There Be Light : Using Kitchen Utensils As Decorations

From cake moulds to long upside down funnels can be well used as wall-light fixtures or chandeliers to lighten up your interiors.


2. Succulent Teacup Garden

Spotted at epherielldesigns, these are the beautiful little succulent teacup planters that are worth trying you hands on.


3. Pasta Strainer Wall Lights

You would even go out of the way to buy extra colanders from the market to get such superb wall lighting system to brighten up your interiors.


4. Rolling Pin Hook Rack

The rolling pin hook rack you see here is created in such a way that it can be used to hang various things depending upon where it is placed.


5. Vintage Spoon Hooks

If you are long wanting the coat rack that is a space saving storage offering an accessible way to hang your coat or hats. Then the old vintage spoons lying idle in your kitchen can solve the purpose.


6. Grater Lights

In one of our article, we talked about grater lights. You don’t have to throw away the unused graters instead use them in creating something simple amazing.


7. Gorgeous DIY Upcycled Teacup Lights

If you have old saucer and cup sets at home, you can make use of them in a decorative way and using your creative skills can make a beautiful lighting out of them.


8. Forks Coat Hangers

Old forks that are no more used can be utilized as coat hangers as shown in the image below.


 9. Plates On The Wall

This is one creative idea to make your dull walls lively and use the old kitchen plates in pretty artistic way.


10. Tea Cup Candles

Use your cup saucer set to create beautiful candles that when lit will breathe life around and in the cup set that you would have thrown away otherwise.


11. Funnel Holders

The empty funnels that usually can be found in the stores lying idle can too be craftily used to hold your crafts material. The image below says it all.


12. Colorful Boxes

Painted in soft olive and cream color these boxes look superb when given a flair touch.


That’s all for the day. How about sharing your DIY idea with us? Leave your comments below to let us know what you think of these and share your ideas too.

Rajni Setia

Rajni is a Mass Communication post graduate with good know-how of the online media. With seven years of experience in content writing she is currently handling various blogs. Her areas of interest are not limited to one or two things instead lot many like home decor, fashion, tattoos and anything that appears soothing to eye.

2 thoughts to “12 Creative DIY Ideas to Reuse your Old Kitchen Utensils”

  1. I loved these ideas of reusing the old kitchen stuff. I love the idea of Funnel Holders to stop string getting tangled. Also, I love the idea of Tea Cup Candles, Plates On The Wall, and so on. These ideas are very creative and very innovative. I definitely want to try out these ideas in my home. I will share this blog with my friends and family. Thank you for sharing this blog with us.

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