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16 Awesome Ideas to Showcase your Wine Collection

Gone are the days, when one had to go out to enjoy their favorite kind of drinks. Nowadays, having a bar of any size is becoming the choice of many. While remodelling or getting their home made from the scratch one plans a mini bar to display the amazing wine collection in style.

Flaunting various kinds of wine in a corner of any room is a desire of lot many who love collecting wines and display them in style. While some love to relax with the glass of wine in their hand after long hectic work schedule or with friends one weekend, there are lot many people who just wish to have a nice bar at home.

If you are the one who is looking for the right kind of wine storage in a way that you are able to flaunt them in style, here we have listed down some of the amazing ideas. Take a look at them!

1. Charming Wine Room

Beautiful, elegant, classy and I am short of words after seeing this perfect wine room.


2. Raise your Glass

Travel in time with this unique idea to showcase your wine collection. This project will take you to the 1920’s era of Prohibition.


3. Stunning Wine Room

Dedicate one wall in the basement only to your wine collection and covered it with the glass. It will give minimal effect to your wine storage cabinet.


4. Wine Cabinet in Living Room

Wood and wine never go wrong! That’s exactly you can say after seeing the below image.


5. Walnut Wine Room

Wine represents elegance and same should be done with the place you want to store your wine collection.


6. Copper Pipe & Leather Wine Rack

How about adding copper and leather accent to your wine rack? This DIY project will help you create a copper – toned wine rack that will surely look classy in your living room.


7. Beach House

Showcase and store your fine wine collection in the living room and awestruck your visitors.


8. Modern Toronto Home

A contemporary wine storage ideas that not only store your wines but also showcase your wine glass collection.


9. Bobier Residence

A beautiful wardrobe covered by glass showcasing your fine wine collection.


10. Wooden Wine Storage Rack

How about wooden rack for your luxury wine collection that will not only look vintage, but adds a warmth around it?


11. Wine Cellar

Showcase your collection of fine wine with this wine cellar idea that not only useful in preserving wine, but also gives an accent to the decor of your home.


12. Custom Wet Bar

A cool storage area for your wine bottles are under the stairs. Check out the below image that looks elegant and works as a home mini bar. Check out the article featuring contemporary home bar design ideas if you want some inspiration designing bar in your house.


13. Beneath the Stairs

One more project that shows area beneath the stairs is a favorite place to showcase your wine collection.


14. Simpson

A custom cabinet to showcase your wine collection in the living room is not bad though.


15. Galatea

A large room only to showcase your wine collection in wooden cabinets and hanging pots.


16. Wine Riddling Rack

I know that wine cabinets come with a hefty price! How about creating yourself like the one shown in the below image? If you like the idea, check out DIY article on creating your own wine riddling rack at


If given a choice, I would go for Raise your Glass style wine storage idea. Which amongst these would be your pick? Do let us know by leaving your comments below.

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