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16 Ways to Make your Laundry Room Organized

One thing that you all will agree with me is that the laundry rooms are notorious and is the most difficult to keep organized. With so much stuff to pile in, various washing and drying stuff one finds it difficult to organize the stuff in a space-saving manner.
For those of you who are struggling with the same issue and want to know the tips and tricks to keep your laundry room organized here are some of the effective laundry room ideas that will help you save precious space and time.

Seeking a clean and well organized place for your laundry that at times looks like a disaster area? From stock cabinetry to extras, bins, laundry baskets, drawers, jars, pull outs, sorters there are innumerable big and small components of laundry room that if you organize well can help do the laundry speedily and effectively.

Here, we have a list of tips, tricks or call them essentials that ensure to help you keep your laundry room organized. Check them out!

1. Keep a mini trash for lint.

2. If you have empty candies jar you can use it for storing powder detergents.


3. You can hang an over-the-door rack on the inside of your laundry room door that can hold laundry and other cleaning supplies.

4. If you have a big family, you can build a laundry sorter to hold different baskets for different family members. Also, you can label the baskets if you tend to forget.


5. Place a cart between your washer and the wall.

6. Pin the pair of socks to ensure you don’t loose them.

7. Hide necessary supplies.

8. Have a stain station where you can keep tools for removing various stain.

9. Get laundry guards to be placed above the washer (if its a front door washer) or else you can place a DIY shelf above the washer to keep the stuff or add a storage island.


10. Put a hanger on the all on which you can hang your ironing board. Incase, you are falling short of space you can create your own small ironing board to be placed on the dryer. Create an ironing station to keep the clothes in an organized way.


11. Reserve one shelf for drying sweaters and cardigans. You can install a tension rod for hanging clothes right there after taking them out of the dryer. This way the clothes will not get wrinkles thereby asking for less or no ironing.


12. Buy different laundry baskets for different clothes like the light ones, denims, home furnishings and dark colored clothes. Incase, you don’t like this idea, keep vinegar in your laundry room and wash colored and light clothes together by adding a spoon of vinegar while washing.


13. Place jar in the laundry room, suggestively hang it to collect all the spare coins you find in your pockets.

14. Make use of old crib (if you have any) in making it a drying rack or you can make your own drying rack (as in DIY project). And if these both don’t suit your need or you don’t have enough space, go for a drying rack from the market.

15. Conceal the stuff of your laundry room with curtains.

16. Take care of the electric outlets, wires, extensions, plumbings, water drainage system.

These all are the essentials that we believe will prove worthwhile to help you keep your laundry room organized thereby ensuring that it you don’t take it to be a daunting task. If you have any suggestions or add-ons to the above listicle, spare some time out to the leave your comments below.

Rajni Setia

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