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4 Signs Your Swimming Pool in Winter Garden Needs Professional Repairs

Winter Garden is a great place to live. Perched on the beautiful Lake Apopka just 20 minutes west of Orlando, the historic town has a suburban feel and boasts a long string of amazing recreational amenities and events. 

Similar to other towns in Central Florida, Winter Garden also boasts excellent and pleasant weather. This makes a swimming pool a great addition to your home. However, while it’s an excellent luxury, a pool also comes with responsibilities. It requires cleaning, repairs, and maintenance. If you think you may need professional pool repair winter garden but not sure, then this article is for you. Below are signs that your pool needs repairs.

  1. Wall Cracks 

According to the pool installers Western Victoria contractors, one easy way to tell that your swimming pool in Winter Garden has finally given in to the test of time and needs professional repairs is through wall cracks. However, note, wall cracks on the pool are not always caused by aging. They can also be as a result of water leakage. 

Unfortunately, water leakage will not only cause cracks on the walls but also tends to erode the soil around the pool structure. Therefore, this can go from being a minor to a major problem if nothing is done. You need to get professional help as soon as possible. 

2. Unclean Water 

If you treat your water regularly and did so recently but woke up to a cloudy or dirty pool, then it’s time to call in the experts. Why? Well, unclean pool water is a sign that your pipes are blocked, hence preventing proper water flow through the filters.

Other than blocked pipes, unclean pool water in Winter Garden might also be an indicator your sand filter is blocked. If the water remains cloudy and dirty, but the pipes and filters aren’t blocked, then there might be a problem with your pool pump. It can be hard to figure out the reason behind unclean water because you’re not a pool expert. 

Save yourself the trouble and get an expert to carry out the pool repair in Winter Garden and fix it before it worsens and leaves you with more repair costs. 

3. Cold Water

Unlike most parts of the country, Florida doesn’t have harsh winters. This explains why most people come here when the country is under blankets of snow. What does this have to do with your pool? Well, although winter is not as bad in Winter Garden as it is in other parts of the country, the temperatures are normally lower than average.

Therefore, if you like to take a dip in winter, chances are you’ve installed a heater. But if you’ve recently noticed that the water is freezing despite having your heater on, then it might be malfunctioning. This is often because something is blocking the air inflow. 

It might also be a result of issues with the controls. Whatever the problem might be, it’s better to let the professionals figure it out.

4. Continuous Motor Shutdown 

If you’ve recently had to make several trips to the pool to turn your pump motor on, but it keeps shutting down, then you definitely need to get some repairs done. Continuous shutdowns are a sign that your pump motor is overheating or clogged. Moreover, it might be an indicator of an overworking fan. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to call pool repair experts and do it quickly because the next thing you know, the pump will have failed.

A swimming pool is a luxury in Winter Garden. But as mentioned, it comes with many responsibilities. You need to ensure it’s clean and also get repair and maintenance done promptly. When you do, ensure you call professionals that do pool repair in Winter Garden like Doc Dean’s Pools. 

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