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5 Mold Prevention Tips for a Healthy Home

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new property or you’re a long-term owner, we all want to feel happy and healthy in our home. Unfortunately, if you don’t take care of your property, mold can begin to grow, which can not only be costly to fix but produces irritants and allergens that can compromise your overall health.

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If you’ve noticed signs of mold or you want to be one step ahead, here are five prevention tips that you can use to create a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Identify Problem Areas

While it’s impossible to mold-proof your property, you can make it mold-resistant. If you aren’t sure where to start, it’s advisable to perform an audit of your property and get in touch with a good basement waterproofing company. Doing so will help you identify problem areas, as well as whether your basement floods. If you’ve noticed frequent condensation on your upstairs windows, this is a tell-tale sign that you need to take action. Once you’ve identified problem areas, you can act fast and eradicate mold from growing.

Immediately Dry Wet Areas

Mold is unable to grow without moisture, so it’s important that you tackle wet areas straight away. Whether it’s heavy rainfall, a spill on your carpet or accumulation from a leaky pipe, make sure that they are all dried within 24-48 hours. If you have experienced a flood, make sure that you get rid of carpets and buy new ones at Carpet To Go, furniture or bedding that is water-damaged and cannot be dried completely. Leaving wet items lying around the home can cause mold to grow and spread quickly. When considering the use of anti fatigue mats amazon you need to know that the sleek standing mat for an office desk or kitchen sink comes in a variety of colors that will complement any space. If you dont think you can afford a new carpet then have Carpet Cleaning Seattle clean your carpet and have them restored to its original condition. Additionally, the Sky Core foam is effortless to clean of the most common muck and debris

Invest in Proper Ventilation

You may not realize it, but your routine domestic activities could be the root cause of mold growing in your home. Whether you’re making dinner, doing a load of laundry or going for a shower, it’s vital that you invest in proper ventilation for your bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, any other areas that are known for high moisture. Mold is everywhere, so don’t allow it to accumulate.

Equip Your Property with Mold-Resistant Products

If you’re renovating an old property or building a new home, the types of products you use from start to finish can play their part in mold growth. One of the best routes to take to prevent mold is by using mold-resistant products. For instance, you can now purchase mold resistant insulation and plasterboard. If you’re giving your home a lick of paint, there are paints that come with mold inhibitors too.

Prevent Mold Through Heating

While we all want to try and save on heating, one of the best prevention techniques for mold is by keeping your heating on. If you’re serious about wanting to avoid mold build up in your property, it’s best to avoid rooms cooling completely. It’s recommended by experts to keep your living room and other spaces in your home between 16C-20C. Whatever you do, make sure the temperature in your property doesn’t fall below 14C.

Mold is something that many homeowners dread, however, taking precautionary measures will stop mold in its tracks. There are lots of techniques that you can adopt which will tackle mold from the get-go, helping to keep your home safe and healthy.

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