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7 Questions to Ask When Assessing Movers Near Me

From the moment you’ve accepted that the need to move is non-negotiable, you’ve probably went through a whirlwind of emotions. A bit sad and sentimental because you’re leaving that old place you’ve called home for many years. You’re saying goodbye to the neighborhood your kids have been familiar with. It was perhaps the social circle where they first found their best friends. And that pizza parlor where you frequently drop by for takeout dinners? You’ll surely miss the gastronomically addicting pizza specialty that makes you drool all the time. Perhaps, you’re a bit grumpy about that and we bet, you’re dropping by that same pizza house for the last time.

Thinking about the new place you wish you’ll learn to love as your new home, you’re a bit nervous about what awaits you there. What will your neighbors be like towards you? Will they be warm and friendly? Are they hospitable or apathetic? Would you regret the non-negotiable decision to move or would you conclude that you’re actually happier in your new place than the former one?

Moving involves a lot of thinking—both the worries and crucial decisions to make. However, don’t let those worries crowd out the most important things you should be carefully thinking about now. These include the best date to move, the most affordable yet reliable moving options, check Sky Van Lines as they will let you know what tasks you should do and when is the deadline for each. If you’ve decided to hire a mover, it is important to compare several companies and determine which among these would be best suitable for your needs.

When assessing moving companies, remember to click for more info for a better understanding of the process, and be sure to ask these seven questions listed below.

1. Is this company properly licensed?

The first thing you need to make sure about a certain moving company is if it’s indeed a real company. Working with scammers is probably the last thing you’ll imagine happening to you ever, but some who weren’t wary enough have been victims. When moving, you’ll want to entrust your most treasured belongings to a legally registered mover who will honestly and reliably do business with you.

That being said, you can get information about an interstate moving company’s license number and complaint history from the United States Department of Transportation. Intrastate movers on the other hand, are registered and regulated by the state itself. They are required to carry a state license for their business to legally operate. Thus, if a moving company offers both interstate and intrastate moving services, they should obtain licenses from both the local state where their business is mainly operating and from the United States Department of Transportation. Honest and reputable movers would always voluntarily show you that they are properly licensed without being told to do so.

2. How long has this company been in the moving industry?

The longer they’ve been in the moving industry, the more experienced they’ve probably become in this line of work. If the company is solidly established, it somehow shows proof that they have been gaining support from their clients for many years. This is the kind of people you’ll want to work with—they are those who know their job well and how to satisfy their clients’ needs and demands.

3. What particular services do they offer?

You better find out early on if they are offering the kind of moving service that you need, otherwise you may find yourself working with the wrong guys who don’t even have any knowledge or experience with that particular kind of move. Say, you need experienced piano movers to relocate an antique piano that has been handed down to you by your grandparents as a treasured heirloom. Of course, you’ll choose a moving company that has a good track record on being able to safely relocate specialty items that are fragile and expensive.

Or perhaps, you’re going to move interstate but a certain moving company you’ve found is only licensed to relocate clients within the same state. Always check whether a mover is experienced and legally authorized to conduct a particular service that you need.

4. What do their clients say about their service?

Clients wouldn’t lie about a service, especially if they’ve experienced a poor one. This is why it is important to ask for references when interviewing a certain mover. And when you do, ask for the ones they’ve recently had business with. Talking with recent clients would give you a better idea about a company’s certain areas such as honesty, customer service, reliability, and actual pricing.

5. Are the staff professionally trained?

When talking with moving companies, ask them what particular kind of training do they require their staff to have. Also, try to get to know whether they continuously train their employees for better service. Their answer would give you a glimpse on how seriously they want to provide satisfaction to their clients. Check out other questions you should ask before hiring a moving company in this article.

6. Do they have the right equipment to get the job done?

Who wouldn’t want to hire a moving company that’s properly equipped with vehicles, facilities, and tools that would safely transport the stuff that matters to him? Definitely, one would choose a company that has the right equipment to get the job done.

7. What kind of liability insurance does the mover provide?

The people working to carry out a service for you and the items they’re moving should be insured. This will allow you to have a peace of mind that whatever happens to your belongings while being relocated, the cost of any damage will be covered. Read tips on how to stay safe during a move:

Before committing to any agreement with a moving company, take time to ask the questions mentioned above. It will help you find the right mover who can best serve your needs.

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