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7 Useful Home Gadgets for Smart Housewives

Who says life of a housewife is easy as they have nothing to do? To break your notion (if you have this) how about doing the household jobs for just a day all by yourself. Believe me, its not as easy as it sounds to be to handle the core tasks at home and keeping the house clean and well organized. With women joining hands with men and doing jobs, the duty has actually doubled. To maintain the perfect balance between the professional and personal women now-days are seeking help and there is no harm in doing so.

Listed below are some of the coolest gadgets for housewives of today that all you home owners would love as these help solve different purpose (for which these are designed) quite smartly letting you heave a sigh of relief. Want to know which all gadgets I am talking about here? For that you will have to sit back and scroll down, read the gist of each (provided along) and make up your mind, which one(s) you need for yourself.

1. Flower Power

An awesome gadget that sensors the essential needs of your plant and send alerts to your iOS or Android devices. The Flower Power sensors accesses plant’s seeds and let you know when to water them, add fertilizer or repot your plant for its best growth.


2. Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock Protector

It surely looks a terrible idea to protect your ice-cream from others. But, visualize the situation when you have kids in your home and you are a working woman, I’m sure they will eat ice-creams in the fridge like crazy and this could lead to illness. So, this is the gadget that comes on the scene, it puts a clamp on the lid of ice-cream buckets. You can lock the clamp with three-digit secret code that you only know.


3. Ecovent

Ecovent is a smart gadget for those homes where centeralized AC is installed. It helps you control the temperature of each room without hassle. You have to replace your existing vents with Ecovent and set the temperate of each room from your phone app and the gadget will do the rest on its own.


4. Belkin Fridge Mount for iPad

Housewives spend most of the time in the kitchen where there is no source of entertainment. But, this scenario could easily be changed by placing Belkin iPad Fridge mount that needs no tool. If you have iPad 2, iPad 3 or iPad 4th generation, you can buy it and enjoy your favorite news channel, video call or chat with your friends easily.

5. Beddit

It is essential to get an adequate sleep for housewives as their morning schedule is very hectic. Wake up early in the morning, get ready and make breakfast, getting kids ready so its quite irritating if you wake up early. Beddit will help you know every morning that how you’ve slept and how to make your sleep even better.


6. Zapi Luxe UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Another task for housewives to keep ensure that kids toothbrush is clean so Zapi Luxe comes to the rescue that keep toothbrush 99.9% germfree. Not only, Zapi Luxe is practical in use, but it looks cute too when it comes to design.


6. The Marinade Infusing meat Tenderizer

This little handy product is must have for housewives that help them to infuse the meat with marinade. This product has three needle-like applicators that acts as a plunger and inserts the marinades into the meat.


7. ChilliPad Cube 1.1

This is a revolutionary product for those partners who always fight because of temperature, one needs warmth and other one needs cool. ChilliPad is the answer for those partners, that comes with mattress pad having individual settings for each side of the bed that you adjust accordingly according to your need.

So very blessed we are to be living in such a technologically advanced era where thankfully we have some really nice gadgets for housewives that promise to solve the purpose. I personally would want to go for Beddit, ChilliPad Cube 1.1. Which one or I must say ones would be your pick?

Yogesh Mankani

Yogesh is a professional freelance content writer who loves everything about online world. His interest varies from gadgets to design to futuristic concepts, amazing architectures, and everything that promises to enhance the lifestyle and user-experience.