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8 Small Mistakes you should Avoid to Save your Home from Fire

No matter how cautious we think we are but then the fact remains that we ignore our little habits that can lead to mishaps. Today, we have decided to discuss about our habits that we need to change and take extra care of the our home by making the little change in our attitude and stop ignoring things that might turn disastrous. God forbid, you forget to switch your electrical appliances and leave home. Imagine how harmful it can be. There are many some habits that we human beings tend to  ignore. Our silly mistakes that we ignore and some of the ones that we actually haven’t cared for or didn’t have even the slightest idea could turn to be disastrous.

So, before its late and you end up in such a situation where you regret not making amendments how about knowing your little habits that ask for change now! Read on and understand what message we have tried to convey. Along with  each point we have listed down the key tips that if you understand and follow will ensure safety of your house against fire.

1. Jam Packing Cooking Area With Appliances

We know that the electrical appliances generate heat and when the house owners don’t leave any space around different electrical appliances (for miscellaneous good reasons of their own) then the heat they generate is no able to dissipate. Nowadays, modern homes have a good number of electrical appliances to solve different purposes. All the major appliances in any home should be plugged directly into a wall outlet.

If you have the option to go for the wall outlet or the extension cords or power strips that can be clumped in one area, always go for the wall outlet thing. If you use extensions for more than one appliance then these heat-producing appliance can be a risky affair. By overloading the wires, keeping different appliances at the same place and not taking care of the gap kept between the two appliances you are actually making a blunder that can lead to disastrous effects.

Tip : Don’t keep electrical appliances close to one another and prefer the wall electrical outlet over extension cords.

2. Forgetting while Cooking

Sometimes while cooking, we tend to leave the cooking area without wondering that we have kept something for cooking and go to another room for some work. This can be a dangerous thing we do. Frying is one thing that can lead to fire.

Tip : Don’t leave cooking unattended. No matter what. Incase you have to go out of the cooking area for some work, turn off the electrical gas.


3. Not Taking Care of Broken Cords

Broken cords can cause electric shock and can lead to fire in the house. According to Electrician Las Vegas, even a small flame can turn into a fire that can cause damage.

Tip : If you see any broken cord or heat coming out from the wires, replace the cords instead of looking for the temporary solution of putting a tape or something like that.


4. Connecting the Cords

Connecting the cords can lead to short circuits. Even if the need arises, you can’t consider it to be a permanent solution. Power strips are not designed to regulate power flow. Power strips have built-in protection to regulate power flow.

Tip : If you need more outlets call a qualified electrician to install them.


5. Unattended Burning Candles

Sometimes while electricity goes out we blow the candles to lit the area and when the power comes back we forget to blow off the candle. Its a very small thing that needs attention. If you have pets or kids at home, ensure you blow off the candle you lit for whatever reason.

Tip : Never leave the burning candle unattended. Once your job is done, make sure to blow it off and keep it out of reach of children and pets.


6. Leaving Home without Switching off the Electrical Appliances

This is one small mistake that can cause fires. Sometimes while in a rush, we tend to forget to switch off the electrical appliances, like our stoves, irons, and water heaters, before leaving our homes ending up in a worse situation where nothing other than regretting can be done.

Tip : Ensure all electrical appliances are switched off before you leave your house no matter how late you are getting.


7. Not Cleaning The Chimney

If you all know there is an oily substance that builds up when you cook in your fireplace. If you are not cleaning your chimney on the regular basis, there can be chimney fires.

Tip : Get your chimney inspected and cleaned once a year. If you’re looking for a great chimney company, check out stove installations Dublin – chimney repairs services at affordable costs.


8. Not Cleaning the Dryer

Is it? Not cleaning the dryer too can be the reason behind fires? Most of us wouldn’t believe it to be true, but the fact is that the lint that remains in the dryer can cause havoc. Lint that collects on the filter around the drum of the dryer and in the vents can catch fire easily from the heat of the dryer. The lint that gets collected builds up leaving no room for heat to escape.

Tip : Clean your lint filter regularly and check your dryer hose for lint clogs once a year.

kitchen-safety-tipsSmall little actions that have not taken extra care of can be the reason behind the fires. Once the tragic incident takes place, we are left with nothing other than feeling of remorse of our not taking care of little things. The best way you can keep your home safe against fires is following simple tips (that we have put in here in simple words) and you can assure that your house is safe.

P. S. It is suggested to ensure that the ashes you throw away while cleaning the chimney or anything, they are completely burnt or else to be on the safe side, be sure to put some water on it.

Rajni Setia

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