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8 Times You Should not Hesitate to Call an Emergency Plumber

Plumbers have become a vital part of our existence. Not only can they assess and solve all our water system problems, they do it with great expertise and professionalism. Neglecting your home or business’ plumbing might result in even more serious problems. It’s therefore important that you phone a plumbing service near you before the problem becomes more serious, try the Best Plumbers Mukilteo WA USA at their website. 

Emergency plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you in situations that need immediate attention. But before you pick up the phone at 2 am in the morning, it’s important that you know exactly what an emergency plumbing situation looks like. 

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Here are 8 scenarios when you should not hesitate to make that call: 

1. Leaking or Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can cause great damage to your home’s interior and structure. If the water isn’t stopped immediately and the pipe fixed, your home will be without clean flowing water and you’ll have expensive damage to fix. Whether the broken pipe causes floods of water or just saturation down the drywall, you need to act fast. In case want to do some repairs by yourself, we will like to recommend you an steel tube bender for emergency scenarios.

In the occasion that one of your waterpipes burst, it is important that you turn off the main water supply at the shut-off valve. When you move into your home, make sure that you allocate where this valve is in a situation like this. Watch this video on how a home’s plumbing system work to completely understand what lies in the walls of your home.

2. Clogged Toilet that is Overflowing

Nothing is worse than dirty water flowing out of the toilet bowl. When your toilet is clogged, it’s a minor cause for concern, but if it’s overflowing that is quite another story. It can result in a messy and very smelly event if you don’t act fast. 

An overflowing toilet might be a simple problem, or it can be a big issue with your home’s plumbing. Flushing it throughout the night will only cause more serious problems, so turn of the main valve and warn other house members to not use the toilet until an emergency plumber has solved the problem. Consider contacting a furnace service company to get a better approach to the issue at your property.

3. Frozen Pipes

In many countries, frozen pipes are a regular and common occurrence. When temperatures reach an extreme low, pipes and the water inside will freeze. In a case where this happens, the ice will expand, and pipes will burst. Even though it might seem like a minor problem, it can quickly turn into an emergency. 

Avoid using any taps, showers, or toilets until an emergency plumber has assessed the situation and thawed the pipes. 

4. Foul Smell

It’s not normal to smell a foul, sewage scent coming from your taps when you open them. Sewage smells should be a great cause of concern, especially if it comes from the bathroom shower, or kitchen faucet. This might mean that sewage pipes have a leakage or are backing up. Sewage might be seeping into normal water supply. 

This is a great health and safety risk and should be dealt with by an emergency plumber immediately. For complex issues like this, it’s important that you phone credible, licensed, and experienced plumbers like the ones found on this link:

5. Drain that’s Clogged or Backing Up

Clogged drains are usually the cause of oily scraps and food leftovers. This is another common occurrence in many homes and can be fixed by calling a regular plumber. 

Neglecting to fix water slowly draining because of a clogged drain can cause more serious problems. Especially if your drain starts backing up with dirty water filling the entire sink, you should phone an emergency plumber immediately. 

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6. Heater Issues

To ensure we have warm water to bathe and shower in, heating systems are installed in our homes. These create great comfort to everyone inside. When a heater starts leaking it can be a cause of great concern as it can result in it actually bursting and causing great damage to the entire house. Containing and managing this huge mass of water is usually next to impossible, so rather address the issue with urgency before it gets out of hand and call hot water system installation services to get the job done. 

7. Loud Sounds from the Plumbing System

Pipes within the structures of our homes will make occasional creaking or thudding sounds. But when the sounds are loud, consistent, and out of the ordinary, it could be a great cause of concern. Pipes might be on the verge of bursting or breaking and before this happens an emergency plumber can resolve the issue before any serious damage occurs. 

8. Flooding and Water Puddles

If you spot large water puddles or floods rushing into your home out of nowhere, it’s a plumbing emergency. Especially if you don’t know where the source of the problem is. 

Water leakage in your home is always great cause for concern. It could be a sign of burst pipes, broken HVAC systems, or other more serious plumbing problems. If water starts seeping through the walls or dripping from the ceiling, then you shouldn’t waste any more time and run to the phone immediately. 

While waiting for your emergency plumber to arrive at your home, you can take a few steps to stop any further damage:

  • Shut off the main water supply to the home as soon as possible
  • Ask your emergency plumber what they suggest you do while you wait on their arrival, they might have some excellent quick-tips you can follow
  • Turn off the water heater and its gas supply
  • Use old towels and linen to cover small leaks and bursts in pipes

Remember that prevention is always better than cure and that you should never neglect maintaining and checking up on your home’s plumbing system. You don’t have to wait for your home to be completely underwater before phoning your Mackay emergency plumbing service. It is important that you do save their number on your phone, in case any of the above-mentioned scenarios struck you out of office hours. 

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