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As technology advances, most people have accepted the change. Air conditioners are seen to have become a part of each household. 

Everywhere you go be it in schools, homes, hospitals or offices, you will find these air conditioners in plenty. Air conditioners work marvelously by cooling the surroundings more so when it’s so hot or in crowded places. 

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home might be confusing and stressful especially with the many options available in the market. You can also visit  for more information.

Factors to consider when shopping for an air conditioner

Below are a few things you can consider.

1. SEER and EER Ratings

SEER stands for the sessional Energy Efficiency Ratio whereas EER is the Energy Efficiency Ratio. These two factors affect the efficiency of your air conditioner depending on their ratings.

The higher the SEER/EER rating the more expensive and energy efficient your air conditioner will be. Meaning even though such air conditioners are a bit pricy they save you more on electric expenses.

Consequently, it is relatively important to compare the SEER/EER rating of each air conditioner before settling for a particular one.

2. Controls

This is another key factor to look out for when choosing the type of air conditioner, you want. Some air conditioners have automatic controls like the central air conditioning while others are controlled manually. 

These manually controlled air conditioners include the window and the Portable Air units among others. You can either operate them by using remote controls, digital keypads or the manual dials

The automatic air conditioners can sense when the temperatures change and will automatically turn on when it is hot and off when it is cool. With this in mind, you can decide whether you need an air conditioner that you have to monitor by hand or a programmed one.

3. BTU Output

This is the amount of energy your air conditioner produces when powered the amount of space you have determines the amount of BTU output your air conditioner should have. 

For this reason, consider measuring the size of your home or space before opting for any of the available air conditioners in the market.

Moreover, ensure to include the closets entrances, and other spaces in your house when taking the measurements.

4. Cost

The cost of every air conditioner varies depending on the size and type of the machine. You will spend more on a central air conditioner and less on a window or portable unit. 

The best way is to figure out what you want and then choose something within your budget.

Nevertheless, you have to factor in other aspects like the quality of the machine before purchasing one. 

5. Plug Types

The type of plugin every air conditioner uses depends on the amount of power it uses. The standard plugin for a small air conditioner is approximately 120-volts whereas for the large ones it ranges from 240 to 250 volts.

Before buying a particular air, conditioner ensures to check on your plug to see whether it fits the smaller unit or the larger ones. 

In case you have a smaller plugin and you want the larger air conditioner you will need to install a special outlet with a stronger circuit to accommodate your air conditioner. Click here to find more tips in this guide.


Now that you are familiar with those factors to consider when purchasing the ideal air conditioner for your home, it will make your shopping easier. However, it’s also important to consult a professional before purchasing your system to ensure you get the right one. Plus, you can also check online for various customer reviews on a certain unit for further information.

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