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Albus : Small Coffee Capsule Machine Inspired by Supernormal Design

We at EverCoolHomes love talking about smart home appliances that besides promising the aesthetic appeal ensure smart functionality thereby making users the proud owners. Remember, we came up with the posts entitled Minimal Kitchen Appliances Designed by Naoto FukasawaCurattle – Personal Electric Kettle that Suggests Beverages to Users and ‘Making Time’ by Kacey Willard to Enjoy Time Together in which gave the detailed description of the same to help you all make your pick.

Indeed, each one is superb home appliance worth buying, but then everyone has different choice. I loved Making Time tea making machine. Today, we have come up with yet another smartly designed home appliance that you all will surely love. Namely Albus, talked about here is a little coffee machine designed by Ida Christine Opsahl, Julie Rossvoll and Cecilie Kristoffersen.

Spotted at Behance, its a small coffee capsule machine that is inspired by supernormal design.

albus 1

albus 3

How does the machine work?

Here’s a brief gist about how actually the machine works, activates and deactivates. The coffee maker comes with a capsule tray that works as on/off button which is the only button on the machine. This is a pressure sensitive flat and opens with a light touch, thereby, activating the machine. You got to slide the tray back into the machine until you hear a click and the machine deactivates. To activate the coffee process, simply slide the lid in the capsule tray until it is closed and the coffee goes out.

When you are done, all you got to do is simply slide the lid back and remove the capsule. That’s all!

There might even be times when the coffee machine fails to function properly. In that case, always have the contact of reputed repair shops in your hand. There is a well-reputed company in Pittsburgh that can makes these repairs seamless. You must find out about their this company and call them for help in case the machine malfunctions.

albus 5

albus 7

albus 14

albus 34

The coffee machine is made up of different components like the moulded shaped plastic with matt finish. The water tank is produced by the same technique in transparent plastic which is the material that is easy to keep clean.

albus 38

albus 44

albus 52

albus 77

Albus has an orange light diode at the bottom on the left, which signals when the machine is connected to a power source. This makes it quick and easy to determine whether the machine is on or off.

albus 98


I personally loved Albus to a great extent for the fact that it is super easy to use, aesthetically cool, elegant and functionally smart too. What’s your take? Have your say by leaving your comments below.

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