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Altwork : World’s First Workstation For High-Intensity Computer Users

Blessed are we to be the part of the era when comfort is of utmost priority, technology has advanced so much that we can get our work done without moving from our place. Everything has changed, but one thing that still remains the same is the way we work.

To give a new dimension to the way we work and compromise with our health asks for the perfect blend of science, engineering, design and artwork. With freelancing being the in thing and lot many people getting inclined towards working from home, there are lot many options being made available to ease their task. One thing that remains the same in the office or working from home is again the seating system.

From furniture pieces to motivational stuff, interior designing ideas for home office, there is no dearth of home office ideas and tips which can actually be of great help.

To become the part of the family of home office the a new kind of furniture piece has been introduced. Welcome the new way to work with Altwork Station, which is an automated desk-and-chair rig that makes the user feel like working on a cloud.


The people behind the is immensely comfortable seating wanted to give new shape to the seating system making the users free of those desks. Altwork is one comfortable work station that offers utmost comfort. You can arrange the seating as per your choice and your desk moves with you. If you were to click for more, you’d know that this workstation comes recommended by many fire experts.


The main objective behind designing such kind of seating is to redefine how your computer and workstation work with you, to help you work in more productive, comfortable, and healthy way.


Altwork is the result of five years of engineering and over $1M of founder and angel investment. Infact, it is the world’s first workstation designed for high-intensity computer users.


The seating is named after the Altwork team which comprises of experienced technology professionals, long-time friends and family who’ve worked been together through thick and thin. Each member of the team has contributed in the making of the Altwork station. The images pinned here will give the your clear idea about the seating. Along with it, there is this video that with the science and the motive behind the creation along with the three sixty degree view and possible ways to arrange your seating explains it all.


This amazing seating is launching a pre-order campaign to finance the additional tooling and development as the makers are in need of tools for scale production. Wouldn’t you want to take this at home and make it the part of your home office?

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