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Android Powered “Smart Mirror” for your Modern Homes

There are indeed some of the creative mirrors lying up there on the market shelves, but then ask for more, you will get more and the range of super cool mirrors will leave you amazed. The mirror does promise to breathe life into the blank dull walls. We have once listed down the 13 tips to breathe new life to your blank walls and I remember listing mirrors on the wall down.

Coming to the point, do you think Android has limited its reach to just smartphones? Well, think twice, it is all set to be in your home to make you enjoy the technology. This time, its in the form of mirror.


This is a new era of smart-objects. Its an android-powered mirror that was introduced at CES this year. This is an elegant mirror from Google software engineer, Max Braun and reading about the features, I bet you would direly want in your home.

Just like Android phone, the mirror shows weather, time, and gives you a glance at the top headlines. Its kind of sleek near-future sci-fi of Ex Machina and Gorilla Glass concept videos. Besides images, there is a video that we have pinned here for you all to check and understand the mirror better.


The person behind this cool techie mirror says it took a bit of experimentation to get such a slick result. Currently, the mirror UI updates automatically show news and weather and it can even listen to the questions with the voice search feature in Google’s mobile app. There are many more such hi-tech gadgets that we anticipate to see in the years to come.

You never know when you look at the android mirror and ask ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all’ and you get the answer ‘You’. How pleasing it would be to anyone’s ears? I, personally, love this techie Android operated mirror. What’s your take on it. Isn’t it cool to imagine talking to the mirror! The cool hi-tech gadgets that promise to let you enjoy the ease and take the home products to the whole new level are given a warm welcome by the modern home owners. You can also check our article where we are reviewing best smart home gadgets you can use in 2016.

Yogesh Mankani

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