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15+ Bold and Beautiful Black Bathroom Design Ideas

Black is the most complimenting color that blends with other colors so well that one can’t take away your eyes once you take a glimpse of it. Black and White for example, are two colors that compliment each other so well that they together provide visual treat which is bound to leave the spectators dazed. Remember 10 Beautiful Mini Bathtubs for Small Bath Spaces? Stupendous those bathtubs were. Painted in black and white anything, be it bathtub, home furnishing products, furniture designs, walls of the modern homes look simply elegant and genuinely worth it.

If you are a modern home owner who is planning to give your home a facelift or has recently bought a new house or whatever the scenario may be, here is the list of bold and beautiful black bathroom design ideas. Yes, you heard it correct. I am here to talk about simply superb black bathroom design ideas that will click you the moment you look at them.

Take a look at some of the really amazing bathroom designs painted in bold and beautiful black color. Sneak a peek at these black bathroom designs and let us know how much you like it!

1. Loft Bathroom

One of the most beautiful bathroom designs in which you get natural sunlight as the rooftop is open.


2. Modern Black Bathroom

Black interiors with white bathware creating the contrast and making it as one of the most beautiful black bathroom designs.


3. Open Bedroom Bathroom

Can you see a bathroom in the below image? If yes, do I really need to explain about it! If you are couple family, go for this setting!


4. Continuum Modern Bathroom

Black floor, adding that extra charm to the bathroom, but personally, I like the bathtub placed in the bathroom which looks unique. Even, we have listed some of the most unique bathtubs on some time before.


5. Long Island Residence

Different types of black tiles have used in this bathroom to give it the bold look.


6. 20th Century Bathroom

I personally loved the mirror in this particular bathroom that looks classic. Home owner decided to give a classic feel to the bathroom as you can see from the design.


7. Classy Bathroom

Now, this is a classy treatment given to this bathroom and termed as “Black Powder”. Do you like it?


8. Classic Transitional

Another classic bathroom design which has black in primary color with beautiful wallpaper.


9. Minimal Black Bathroom

A minimal black bathroom design that you will love to replicate in your home. A beautiful wall decor item, washbasin with unique faucet and simple tub with black color walls makes it simple but unique. There are many unique faucets available in the market that you can actually buy.


10. The Zinc House

Another minimal black bathroom did by OBArchitecture. What do you say?


11. Texas Hillhouse Bathroom

Another minimal black bathroom design from IncorporatedNY.


12. Contemporary Remodel

A remodelling of bathroom comes live when a pinch of classiness is added to the contemporary bathroom.


13. Steampunk Bathroom

For those who are stylish and trend-setter, a Steampunk bathroom design with black interiors.


14. Contemporary Bathroom

A modern and spacious bathroom, which is styled by black tiles and minimal decoration.


15. Brentwood Home Bathroom

Everything in black with black seamless wallpaper in the bathroom surely looks interesting.


16. Contemporary Bathroom

A shiny black bathroom design with unique lighting makes the ambience romantic.


17. Modern in Annapolis

Nothing could be better than the glittering black walls when you are looking for black bathroom designs. Black commode with silver washbasin looks amazing, isn’t it? Not only commode, there are full bathware collection too available in black color such as Maison Valentina bathware collection for ultra luxurious home.


Aren’t these superb? Infact saying this won’t suffice the feeling we get while looking at these black bathroom design ideas. The visual treat these provide and the magnificence the images of black bathroom design ideas makes them just so cool!

Yogesh Mankani

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