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Best Home Security Cameras

Safety is the first most concern which every person wants to deal with. Especially in this digital era we always need some protection whether in home or office. So, there should be one person who would constantly keeps a vigil on what is happening, especially when you are not present in your premises.

The smartest way to protect the homes from unusual happening is through security camera. Security camera keeps own’s property safe and secure with these ball vision eye lens. CCTV cameras prevents any unwelcome guests to enter in your home by two-way audio you can tell them to leave your house immediately or tell your maid to clean the house properly and even see that what your little one is doing. These security cameras will always protect your home either indoor, outdoor or backyard from crimes.

These cameras let’s you record a video clipping or watch later as they provide a free cloud storage. These cameras give you the security alerts and a way through the app which it can be directly connected to your smartphone. Some cameras have IFTTT i.e. If This Then This thereby you can set configuration according to yourself. To become safer the cameras also provide night vision mode this is the best feature we liked the most.

Accordingly, if you are planning to put security cameras in your home than take a look to the article we have pulled out best one for you. Here comes the list of best home security cameras of year 2017.

1. Amazon Cloud Cam:  The Amazon Cloud Cam is indoor security camera with 1080p HD which gives that live report of what is happening inside. It gives motion notifications with 24-hour free motion based cloud storage. So, you can watch, download, and share the last 24 hours of motion alert video clips for free. The Amazon cloud cam requires a subscriber where only they can set motion zones and receive person alerts. So, by downloading the Amazon Cloud Cam app for Android or iPhone, you can log in with existing Amazon credentials or create a new account. But it does not provide continuous recording which is also not available for subscribers and there is no local micro SD card  for storage. Amazon’s Cloud Cam is affordable, reliable and easy to use but the free storage that makes it more attractive. Plug in your camera either on a wall or on any flat surface. It lets you see in the night vision of what is happening. The two-way audio is more helpful feature for this cam. Another best thing it offers is that its affordable price of $89.99. 

2. Netgear Arlo Pro: This super durable great design camera is suited both for indoor and outdoor purpose i.e it works well behind your courtyards. The Netgear Arlo Pro has a wide-angle lens with a resolution of 720p HD. It’s magnetic charger which is super easy to attach and its detachable battery is rechargeable which lasts for up to six months. The best thing is its seven days of free video memories in cloud storage. The Arlo Pro also receives audio alerts with the two-way audio so you can tell any unwanted visitors to leave your home. Its third-party integration works with IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings. It is bit pricy with a range of $249.99.

3. SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell :  The SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is a front doorbell camera which gives a high-definition resolution of 1080p. It is a motion based camera which moves to some particular direction. The skybell record videos on-demand and lets watch them anytime. Its push alert feature conveys any unusual happening. In order to monitor front door the video can be started from the downloaded app. Because of the free video storage much of the clips can be downloaded. It creates IFTTT channel called conditional statements of its own. There is no web interface in the third-party integration also the alert settings and the quality of the video resolution cannot be adjusted. The price of this video doorbell is $154. Else if you are looking for the smart doorbell camera, then surely this is the best option for you.

4. iBaby Monitor M6S: Many times when you are out of the home you just wants to check your little ones activities and its movements. Then definitely a need arises for a security camera which will give an eye to child. The iBaby Monitor M6S is one of the best promising pan/tilt camera which will assure your kiddies safety. It’s just simple you will get all the notifications while connected through the phone with the sound alert. You can have a look around the room with an easy touchscreen interface from the mobile app. What you need to do is pull up the app on your smartphone and check what the kiddle is doing. The iBaby Monitor M6S even works in the night mode and a two-way audio with high quality audible sound. If you are going for a child’s security then we strongly recommend the iBaby Monitor M6S. This high-resolution marks a price of $114.70.

5. Kuna Toucan: Usually what happens we place all the old bulbs into a tub for no use. And this time if we tells you to put these retro lights ones again into existing then this will surprise you with open eyes. Yes, this time the Kuna Toucan is an outdoor camera which takes existing live pictures with a resolution of 720p HD clear feed. The lens of this camera moves with 116 degree of diagonal view built-in 100-decibel siren. The Kuna Toucan connects to Smart Socket light bulb adapter via USB. There are no worries for batteries, power cord and no fuss. It gives two hours of free footage in cloud storage, two-way audio, a motion sensor and high alert. Else it does not provide with a night vision mode so one have to depend on the light from the light fixture.

If you’re looking to add a low-maintenance outdoor camera to your home security setup, Toucan could easily fit the bill. This is a home security packed into 1 device. It’s affordable price is $144.49.

So, these are the above mentioned security cameras which we have included in our list. If you want to go for minimal expense then Amazon Cloud Cam is best with all the features otherwise if you feels like to give it some retro touch to your home then Kuna Toucan is unbeatable. As it gives no worries and is easy to install. The iBaby Monitor M6S is also good because when thing comes for child it will keep an eye on your little ones to back and froth. These are the highly vigilance proven camera with pixels of high-definition.

Which one you have chosen for your home or you think is better. If you have already CCTV cameras in your home then do mention us which one you have. Do you want to keep it or update with these high alert cameras? Kindly rate us and keep your comments in your comment box. 

So be alert, be safe!

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