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Buy Ceramic Coated Cook Pans & Cook Like A Pro

How good are you in the kitchen? Actually, don’t answer that! It doesn’t really matter how good or bad you are in the kitchen. After all, with the right equipment, you can whip up perfectly good eggs and maybe even create artisan-level cuisine in no time! 

This is just not me trying to bait you into something that you’re not ready for. I seriously think that all people are chefs at heart. My mother once told me this “If you can eat, then you can cook.” I think those words are really what made me get into cooking. 

I mean, it’s pretty reasonable right? If you know how to eat, then you should also know how to cook. Why? It’s because you know what “tastes good.” You know exactly what kind of flavors you would enjoy and what would simply feel horrible to even put in your mouth. Cooking may be an art but most of all, it’s a skill. And like all skills, it can be learned. You can read more about this here.  

Your biggest concern should lie in your kitchen equipment. It is what will make or break your interest in cooking, after all.

For many of us, “being good in the kitchen” is not an option; it’s a necessity. Many of us are tasked to be home chefs, especially those who have growing kids at home. When it comes to your own family, you just can’t leave their nutrition to other people after all. You would want to be the one to monitor the kind of food they eat. You would want to ensure that they are getting all the right nutrients that are essential for a healthy body. 

Letting your kids eat crap food (excuse the term) from fast food joints all the time is just unthinkable. It will stunt their growth and weaken their immune system. Not to mention, you put them at risk with obesity. All the sugar, salt, and MSG that are known to be primary ingredients of fast and processed food are simply not good for a growing child. For your family, you would want only the best – the best food with the best taste, and the most enjoyable dining experience!

Well, I’m happy to tell you that all this is possible. You just need the right gear in your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if your cooking is a ten or a zero. If you have excellent equipment, you’ll naturally come to love cooking – and consequently, get better at it! 

So, first things first, time to get yourself one of the most important essentials in the kitchen: The cooking pan.

Teflon VS Ceramic

When you are out shopping for pans, you’d usually two basic colors: Black and White. The black pans are usually made of Polytetrafluoroethylene more popularly known as Teflon (adapted from the biggest brand to manufacture polytetrafluoroethylene-lined pans. The white ones are often made with ceramic material. Both types of pans are well-loved by kitchen moms and professional chefs. However, there are those who would always favour one over the other. It is seldom to find cooks that use both Teflon and ceramic pans. Let’s just say that professionals tend to stick with their preferences.    

So which really is the best? Are we on team Teflon or team ceramic?

Well, to be completely honest with you, we love both pans. However, we do favour the ceramic ones better – and for reasons that are quite understandable.

Why You’ve Got To Love Ceramic Pans

The number one reason why we love ceramic pans so much is that they have all the non-stick properties any Teflon pan would have – minus the risk of deception. Polytetrafluoroethylene doesn’t come cheap. So given that fact, original Teflon products won’t come cheap either. Those that do are either coated with Polytetrafluoroethylene very thinly or fake. I tell you; there are so many fake brands out there that claim their pans are non-stick but after just a few uses, the coat easily wears off and it leaves you with an uneven pan that cooks terribly. You can’t even cook a proper sunny-side up egg with pans like these. 

This is probably the reason why many people come to hate cooking; they’re using unappealing equipment that gives them a really hard time making the simplest of dishes. This is why investing in the right equipment as a beginner is very important. It’s crucial that you feel relaxed and entertained while you cook when you start learning – not frustrated because the black coat of your pan is peeling off! Check out pans that won’t give you this kind of trouble here:

Ceramic pans are different. Manufacturers can’t and don’t have to fake ceramic. It’s not such an expensive material. Plus, its non-stick qualities are promising. A pan with a good ceramic coat can last for years with proper care. When you cook with ceramic, everything just kind of slides off. It makes tedious and frustrating chores light and exciting. This is why our preferences is and always will be with ceramic pans.         

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