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10 Creative Ways to Reuse your Old Suitcase

Travelling has changed a lot. The bulky suitcases, we used to carry are no longer in trend. People nowadays are going in for light bags, suitcase, airbags and likewise that help in easy transportation of the stuff. Well, this reminds me of the old suitcases.

We all have many things that find no other place in our home than a storeroom. I am sure may of you have this confession to make that you have either given those suitcases to others or are lying in your storeroom. If you have the ones with you, its time to take them out, clean them and reuse them. Why? I give you good reasons here to do so.



10 Easy Home Decorating Ideas for Renters

Those of you who don’t own a property or for some reason unable to stick to your own home and have to move to a rental property, I am sure decorating the rental property is one big fuss. I mean you can’t go in for permanent decorations, or buy things that can be fixed/put up on a permanent basis.

What’s the solution then? You will not decorate your interiors then?  This doesn’t sound go be a wise idea. If you are the one who is residing in the rental property and looking for smart ideas to decorate the interiors no matter for how much time it may be, then here the list of some really helpful tips.



Spend 1 Hour on this Electric Hybrid Bike and Power your Home for 24 Hours

Are you the one who is bothered about the shooting high electricity bill and despite every possible effort not able to make the notable difference? Well, I am sure you are trying to find out different ways out, reading tips and tricks to get on the right track.

Okay, here is another question that goes out to you all. Are you getting worried about the health issues today’s lifestyle is posing but, then you are not getting ample time to hit the gym and undergo that workout session? If the answer to both of the questions above is yes, then this article is for you.



Contemporary Family Home in MeadowCroft Offering Views of Mustard Farms

Unique architecture with all the elegance ensuring smart living never fails to impress the spectators. If you all know there is this Cool Homes category on our website in which we publish articles dedicated to superb architecture. From tiny house in Japan to tree houses  there are oodles of them that grab our attention and find a special place on our blog. Joining the queue is the MeadowCroft from OB Architecture.


14 Most Creative Mirror Designs to Drool Over

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all! Mirrors indeed are our best friend who shows us to how we look. Not just this, mirrors make the interior look stupendous. Now a day, people are picking up more and more various kinds of mirrors to add to their modern homes thereby giving it all the more cool look.

Talk about different kind of mirrors, there are indeed oodles of them lie on the market shelves or you can go online and order them to be delivered right at your doorsteps. How cool is that! Well, today we have listed down some of the really cool and unusual mirrors of different shape and deigns.



Shoffice Home Office Blends Elegance With Functionality

Shoffice as the name hints is a home office. Designed by the creative minds at Platform 5 Architects, which was founded in 2006 and is an award-winning architectural practice led by Patrick Mitchell and Peter Allen.

From residential to commercial, educational and cultural sectors, they are continuously expanding their horizon. Ever since the initiation, they have ensured to deliver stupendous designs and beautifully crafted bespoke houses.

This is not the first time that we are talking about the home office. We came up an article recently showcasing home office design trends that will help you create your trendy home office in 2016. We have previously published articles on 20+ trendy minimal home office design ideas along with places to put home office which I am sure appealed you all.



10 Home Office Design Trends you should Follow in 2016

With more and more number becoming freelancers and opting for working from home for different reasons of their own, the home office set up has become the in thing. People nowadays are focusing on the room that they would make their office. Home office no more is like a simple table and chair on which the person sits with the laptop or desktop and work.

People are looking in for comfort and making sure they have to make no compromise with comfort and style. Why not, after all, home office, be it a corner or other kind of home office design ideas, the fact remains that each one of us is looking for the best idea or the in thing that would make our home office the best one.



10 Outstanding Indoor Planter Ideas for Nature Lovers

Plants are the important part of our lives. With more and more people becoming eco-friendly in terms of their choices in home products, clothing accessories and likewise. Not only this, people now a days are opting for energy efficient products, taking care what impact their actions are leaving on the environment.

Awareness is the key to making any venture initiated in the public interest. Not only government departments, even masses are doing every bit to lead and eco-friendly life. Keeping the people becoming more and more interested in growing plants in their home, we have come up with a list of some of the really cool out of the box indoor planter ideas that we found worth sharing.


12 Things at Home you Don’t have to Throw Away

At home, we have innumerable such products that we throw away without even knowing the other purpose these can solve. As we have so many products lying in the store room which we dispose off. However, creative geniuses make the optimum use of the products they have at home. Infact, there are many hotels, restaurants that are making use of these resources and crafting such items to leave the visitors amused. Days back we visited a hotel where everything from furniture to decoration was made of old spare parts of the bikes that otherwise could have gone to junkyard.



Berkshire House: Beautiful Abode Immersed In Nature

All our readers are surely well aware of the categories that our different articles are posted in. There is this Cool Homes category which is my favorite one. In it we post the superb home architectures that are so mesmerizing that we can resist talking about it.

Adding to the list of cool homes that we have talked about in our preceding articles is the one that sits elegantly in the lapse of mother nature. Genius brain at Framework Architecture have come up with a magnificent modern home namely Berkshire House.


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