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15+ Rejuvenating Backyard Pool Ideas

Now a days, people are becoming conscious about their health and making extra efforts to maintain their health regime. Hitting the gym, aerobics, yoga or joining swimming classes has become the trend. Swimming if you talk about is the passion of a lot of people, while it has own benefits, helping people get well toned body, there is a whole bunch of people who simply love it for the fact that it helps them relax and provides the refreshing feeling.

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Kiki : Little Gagdet that Signals when Fruit is Ripening

Seeing the struggle of people trying to earn their living Dalai Lama once rightly said humans surprise him at a lot as ‘Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.’But then things have changed over the course of a few years. People now a days while juggling between office and home don’t forget to take care of their health. People are becoming cautious about the health and trying to follow the fitness regime, taking care of their health, understanding the importance of the right kind of diet to lead a healthy life.

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5 Things to do for Worry Free Home Remodeling

Planning to remodel your home? Sounds exciting isn’t it However, along with it comes the stress of doing all the things and managing in such a manner that you get the desired results without any fuss. We understand the stress one feels when it comes to home renovation/remodeling.

Wondering how to begin and how will the entire process work and if its a nice idea to do so? Well, firstly ofcourse its a nice idea. Secondly, following certain tips and understanding how to handle things before you actually do so will definitely prove helpful thereby reducing the stress.

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8 Easiest Ways to Decorate your Bedroom for Autumn

Autumn, one of the four temperate seasons popularly known as fall in the Northern Hemisphere has already knocked our doors. It is the season that I am sure none of you out there doesn’t love. The superb weather, fallen leaves that one can sight almost anywhere are made fall all the more lovable. Lot many homeowners love decorating their home, according to the season to get that feel of the weather and there are oodles of cool ways one can go about decorating their home as they wish to.

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SPASM - Devlali house

Deolali House : A Modern Home with Awesome Views

Amazing architectures no matter in which part of the world they are never fail to impress the viewers and we at EverCoolHomes try our best to come up with such architectures that have been created by blending smart functionality, visual appeal in such a manner that it leaves viewers stunned. Days back we came up with the ‘Dawn of Spring’- Living Spaces By Gaurav Kumar which actually left us wide-mouth opened as it was simply superb. Here is yet another architecture that we are going to talk about today in our post. Guess I need not spare extra words talking in detail about this superb architecture; pictures themselves do the real justice and speak out loud about the visual appeal and unique architecture.

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How to Remove Bad Odours/Stains from your Home

Who wants their home to smell bad? If you regularly clean your home say on weekends or anytime you are comfortable, there are less chances that there will be bad odour in your home. Ensure you are removing the regular odours and by chance you still find a foul smell in your home, follow the below listed steps to remove the bad odour/stains from your home. But then, bad odours are somewhat impossible to keep at bay. In this article we have tried to explain some super easy way outs to remove bad odours from your home quickly and easily to help you lead a pleasant and healthy environment.

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