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How to Decorate your Home for Halloween

With fall that has already knocked the doors, the festivities are in its full swing. To begin with, Halloween, that is just around the corner, I am sure you are all super excited for the day. Needless to mention, Halloween falls on 31st of October and brings with it so much of celebrations, Halloween themed parties, shopping, decorations and much more. Oh my God, so this time you are the one hosting the party at your house! Super excited, aren’t you? With the exciting feeling that I am getting right now while I am talking about it, I can understand your level of excitement.

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6 Places you didn't Know About to Put Office in your Home

Freelancing is fast becoming the choice of lot many people for the very fact that with 9-5 job or more hours at work doesn’t leave us with the time to spare for our friends and family. Infact, there are lot many hidden desires, hobbies that one wish to go for but one is seen complaining of time crunch. Not just this, for miscellaneous good reasons of their own people are opting for freelancing as a career. There are however pros and cons of the same.

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Minimal Kitchen Appliances Designed by Naoto Fukasawa

White minimal appliances are the USP of the renowned Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa. He has recently designed a minimal kitchen appliances for the Muji brand. The company will be releasing a pop-up toaster and an electric kettle that are not just elegant to add charm to your kitchen but are also functionally smart. Both these appliances will be available at stores in the UK, USA and Europe.

Both these minimal Kitchen appliances will be stocked in the UK from November and released in other European countries in the coming year. Let me give you the gist of both the appliances and how these are different from the other ones in the peer group.

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Elegant Pixel Couch by Igor Chak

For all you designers out there, here is an interesting furniture that will surely fascinate you, leaving you smiling each time you look at it or sit on it! Seems like the designer of the sofa is greatly inspired by the web designing. How else would he have conceived the idea of designing the cool looking couch namely the Pixel Couch. Designed by Igor Chak this visually stunning and unique looking sofa will not only add charm to your living room but might motivate you to know about pixels if you are not a designer.

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11 Excellent Design Tips to Make your Home Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly products (like these branded lanyards) not only are favorable for the environment, infact, does great benefit to the consumer as in reducing the expenditure in the long run, makes one feel happy about not harming the environment. Green is the in thing nowadays. People today are becoming environmentally aware and picking up the stuff that ensures to cause no harm to the environment. Taking into consideration the home products, people are taking extra care that they are not making the wrong choice and understanding how eco-friendly a product is.

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'Making Time' by Kacey Willard to Enjoy Time Together

How irritating it is when you have your friend or loved one home and you get busy making tea and when you are done, you bring it to the dining table and take a sip of your favourite beverage while talking. What if you both together make tea? Two people making tea might have sounded weird till date but wouldn’t be so in the days to come. An innovative mind has come up with a product that asks the involvement of two people in making tea. Infact the entire process of tea brewing takes place when two people sit at the opposite sides of the table where the product is placed and make the tea while enjoying little conversations.

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16 Designer's Luxury Dog Beds that are Better than yours

Who doesn’t want a cozy comfy corner where one can lay down after a hectic day? It is for this reason that we try to make our bedroom as relaxing as possible. This is what we human beings do for ourselves. What about the pets? Well, pets too get tired and deserve a cozy snuggle where they can lay down and relax. In our article 10 Home Cleanliness Tips for Pet Owners, we talked about bedding thing to make sure they sleep in their bed and don’t lie here and there on your bed. For hygiene reason and for the reason that your pet too deserves a cozy corner, we suggest all you pet owners to find a super cool bed for your pet.
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15+ Creative Motivational Posters for your Home Office

Working from home at your own flexible timings and earning sounds interesting. What could be better than working under the roof that you have invested in to have repaired and maintained by Tredent Contracting? Freelancing is fast increasing trend that lot many people are following for miscellaneous good reasons. While some people are comfortable working sitting on the bed, couch, bean bag whatever option they find comfortable. However, there is a whole bunch of people who have their own workspace, workstation with proper office type set-up.

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Welcome to Our Blog – EverCoolHomes

When it comes to interior designing, architecture, selection of home products; blogs are fast becoming our main source of getting the decorative ideas, inspiration and lot more. Planning to renovate your home or bought a new home just recently? Here we are with a web portal named ‘EverCoolHomes‘ that we have come up with to help all your friends out there with the best-of-the-rest stuff, decorative ideas, architecture, interior designing, designer products, infact everything that contributes in making your home an amazing place to live in!

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MIO Modular Furniture Collection that Solves Space Crunch Issue Smartly

With the decreasing sizes of the apartments, the demand of modular home products as in furniture that promise to solve miscellaneous purposes is increasing. People nowadays are going picky and looking for home products that are smart in terms of utility and aesthetically too. Why? Well, most of the home owners are seen complaining of space-crunch and how they fail to manage things and organize their home stuff, as in furniture and storage systems in a proper way. On the top of it, if the guests are home, a lot of hustle and bustle begins to sweep in and somehow, one starts feeling bad about the home being so disorganized.

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