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Curattle – Personal Electric Kettle that Suggests Beverages to Users

Electric kettles have become the important part of our lives. For all those who love taking their favourite beverages every now and then would indeed have their personal electric kettle. If you are the one who loves smart designs with amazing functionality of the products, infact who doesn’t. Here we have something that will leave you in awe. Brainchild of designer Booreum Kim, Curattle is one personal portable kettle that promises to help users not only to heat beverages while on move but then help them decide what they should drink.

The kettle has Bluetooth equipped with it. Along with it there is an app that keeps the check of the user’s schedule and accordingly comes up with suggestions as to which beverage one should go for at different point of the day.

As in for some users it might suggest to go for a coffee in the morning while for some suggestion would be to take coffee around lunch or something like that depending on person’s day schedule and routine that one follows.

That’s not all, the Curattle personal electric kettle measuring the outside temperature and heats the beverage to as per the user’s preference.


Also, we human beings need to drink atleast 1.5 litres in a day, but it is difficult to do so. Here’ your very own personal electric kettle comes into play. It reminds you to drink water besides the other features that I have mentioned above already.


Curattle, as per your choice would suggest the beverage as in tea, vinegar,water, coffee and provide water with an ideal temperature to drink.


How does it know the user’s schedule?

Curattle app checks user’s day life schedule through alarm data and user’s direct inputs. Through thermo-element and heat sensor, Curattle offers water, which is in best temperature to drink. Through weather data and user’s life schedule Curattle app suggests beverage to the user. Also, it checks usage frequency and quantity with load cell and sends data to mobile app.


Thermo-element if you all know can warm up or cool down the water through flows of current.



In all, Curattle is a wonderful buy that comes in three-in-one package that is -electric kettle, thermo-element and mobile application which together work so well in co-ordination that uses would simply fall in love with it.

What’s your take on it? Let us know.

Rajni Setia

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