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11 Excellent Design Tips to Make your Home Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly products (like these branded lanyards) not only are favorable for the environment, infact, does great benefit to the consumer as in reducing the expenditure in the long run, makes one feel happy about not harming the environment. Green is the in thing nowadays. People today are becoming environmentally aware and picking up the stuff that ensures to cause no harm to the environment. Taking into consideration the home products, people are taking extra care that they are not making the wrong choice and understanding how eco-friendly a product is.

Not just in terms of products, homeowners nowadays are going for smart designing while considering remodelling of their homes.  Besides, even the builders are working in favor of coming up with energy-efficient homes. Days back, we listed down eight eco-friendly homes for desert lovers and today, we have something to help you design to make your home eco-friendly.

If you are the one who is planning to get a new home designed for yourself by considering remodelling then, we have some really interesting home design eco-friendly tips that will help you go eco-friendly while assuring there is no compromise with the style and aesthetics, so go ahead and check this new home models for Fall.

1. Go for Single Room Living Idea

It’s a smart idea to have a big room that has living/dining/cooking space within. Less number of rooms means less electricity consumption, more open area.


2. Bedroom at Lower Level

If you have a double storey apartment, it is suggested to go for bedroom below and living space upstairs. Keeping your bed clean should also be your priority and with Bed Bug Removal NYC NY you can make it possible to keep the pests away. If there are trees around, your bedroom will be covered with trees, making you feel like you are sleeping on the laps of mother nature.


3. Pest Resistance

The materials you go for should be pest and water resistance,  low on maintenance and should be easy to take care of. Pest controlling agents can be eco-friendly. However, you must do your research, read articles, or check my blog here, to be better able to pick up the right products. Pest controlling agents do not have to be made of harsh chemicals as some pest control services use humane and eco-friendly methods. You only need to pick up the right ones or hire the right eco-friendly pest control companies.

4. Low VOC Paint

Atmosphere- polluting volatile organic compounds are eco-friendly. Low VOC white paint enables the wood’s texture to show through. Color your walls with natural paints. Natural paints made of plant oils, extracts and minerals are eco-friendly and safe.

5. Plant Trees

If around your home there are no trees, plant some. In case you are lucky in having them, ensure you don’t cut them down. Trees provide shade that keeps the house cool.


6. Allow Natural Light to Come in

.If you have glass windows, until required, don’t turn on the lights and make optimum use of natural light. Keep your home well ventilated. Allow maximum light to filter in.


7. Eco-friendly Doors and Windows

Choose for front door without windows and make sure it is made of eco-friendly wood, a recyclable material. Windows with energy star rating for the climate zone will help you in designing your home the eco-friendly way.


8. Green Roofing

Go for an eco-friendly roof, you can check out Pro Roofers business website for energy star-rated and made from recycled resources. The material of the roof should be such that it is naturally heat-resistant and reusable.

9. Solar Panels

Now-a-days, solar panels are being preferred over the other source of energy, it’s one of the most popular renewable systems. For eco-friendly homes, it is a wise idea to get solar panels installed, which would help reduce the energy consumption.


10. Eco-Friendly Siding

Wood, aluminum or stucco siding is best for the environment. At any cost avoid PVC vinyl siding as it releases toxins and is not biodegradable or reusable. Get the right guys for a siding installation that’s both cheap and eco-friendly.

11. Green Plumbing

At any cost, avoid PVC, which is a plastic that contains harmful chemicals. Instead, go for clay for underground pipes. Zinc, galvanized steel and aluminum are green alternatives for piping above ground.


Go green the smart way with these tips that will help you design your home, the eco-friendly way. With it add eco-friendly furniture and furnishing items that will add to the eco-friendliness of your home. Do let us know how you make your home eco-friendly in the comments section below.

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