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DreamBath, A New Consumer-Friendly App from Hindware

It is important to pay special attention on bathroom while making a dream home because it is a place which is going to be used on a daily basis. Many people spend much time over there so it is essential for the bathroom to have that kind of an environment in which a person feels relaxed and gets totally refreshed before coming out.

Everyone wants that his/her home looks beautiful so that not just they enjoy living in that, but also whenever a guest comes, they also appreciate its beauty. However, there is always a possibility that they will use your bathroom and if it is not done well, then the good image of your home goes for a toss.

Hindware is a leading brand in providing bathroom solutions and are highly popular for their awesome bathroom fittings that not just look good but are also durable. Now the company has come up with a new app due to the fact that most of the people use the internet on mobile phones nowadays and making an app is not just a nice way to approach them, but would also be good for the users who are seeking for a reliable solution to improve the condition of their bathrooms.

What is DreamBath App?

Since we all have different personalities, our interests and choices are also distinctive, we all have different types of interiors of our respective homes. The same rule applies to bathrooms as well and everyone wants to design it as per his/her own preferences. The dream Bath app gives you the option to showcase your creativity and brings tons of features that can be used to build your dream bathroom.


Benefits of Having DreamBath app

The power of Virtual Reality lets you reimagine the bathroom space like never before. You can choose from 24+ inspirational themes from across the globe that include various designs and are based on latest patterns. They let you plan the interior of your private space and help you to make the most of it. The collection of theme also packs fun and joyful themes that are suitable for the bathroom for the kids.


The app features a Product Gallery, where you can go through the portfolio of each product and be well aware of the latest trends. You can visualize any accessory before buying it using the Augmented Reality and make a decision accordingly.


Once you make your mind, take help of the GPS enabled Dealer Locator to contact a distributor nearby. You can raise your query for the desired accessory and the dealer will response in specific time. It is not just convenient, but also saves your precious time.


Why you Should Download Dreambath App?

The app helps you to start from the scratch and gives you the whole idea of everything before taking a step. You can plan the interior without taking the expensive assistance of any third person and go through the list of all the products and finally make an offer and get the product at home without any hassle.

You can do all that with your mobile that displays all the possible changes and their effects on the screen using the advance technology. You can also involve your spouse and kids and take a combined decision to meet everyone’s expectation.

Download DreamBath App – Android|iOS

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