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Electrical Hazards Prevented By A Top Recommended Electrician

I try to live by the motto that ‘prevention is always better than cure,’ I overpack, I organize my organization and have double of everything in the pantry for those ‘just in case’ moments. Thankfully my husband seems to have come on board with this theory and has slowly been implementing it into the household activities and maintenance routines.

He has set up his own system whereby the calendar of utility contractors are on rotation year-round and he is leaving nothing to chance. 

As we are in the final stages of our home build and all the plumbing and electrics have been fitted he has taken it upon himself to have the systems double-checked over, and most importantly the full electrical circuit system.

When he was younger he had a friend who touched a plug where the wiring wasn’t visible but the socket was loose, and despite having used this same plug socket numerous times, the final encounter ended up with the boy in hospital from being electrocuted. Since that day he has been overly cautious. 

Electrical safety.

You can never be too safe when it comes to electrics in the home and even more so if children are running around with curious eyes and hands, ensuring you adhere to at least the basics of electrical safety can give you the foundation you need to prevent possible accidents.

There are plenty of procedures you can follow in the timeframe leading up to the next routine checkup and assessment so let’s take a brief look at the more popular ones.

  • Wattage. This is important to prevent over-heating, LED light bulbs seem to be the way for the future and emit less heat as well so a great choice for bedrooms and lamps. If the appliance has no wattage sticker go with 60 or fewer watts to be within the safety limit.
  • Maintenance. If you notice wiring or that a cable has come loose or is beginning to fray have it replaced straight away with the right commercial wiring electricians, don’t wait to do it next time because there may not be the next time. Small upgrades and updates to plugs and sockets can be all the difference between preventing a hazard and handling one.
  • Overloaded. Too many times we see extension plugs crammed from one end to the other with plugs or chargers and turn a blind eye, instead take it all apart and split the load into smaller groups. This prevents a fire risk caused by over-heating connections and cables and easily prevented.

Many people will agree with this subject, some having more of an opinion than others no doubt, see what they have to say in this link and conclude from there if you agree with them. It can be too easy sometimes to get caught up with the crowd and we lose ourselves, this way you see their advice and take on board only what you feel is appropriate or relevant to you.

  • Unplug. Most of us tend to do this anyway but worth a mention nonetheless. When you go away for a long weekend or a vacation be sure to unplug all appliances and plugs not deemed an absolute necessity. This way the risk is significantly reduced for a fire hazard.
  • Water. We all know water and electrics don’t mix, let’s not leave anything to chance. If a plug is a must in a water-related area, be sure to have watertight covers and install with the maximum possible distance from the water source.

What is a hazard?

Essentially just the word itself makes me more cautious when out and about in new areas and rightly so, when it comes to a hazard we are looking at something potentially dangerous, can cause serious harm, and should be treated with caution.

Electrical hazards are just as, if not more, risky due to the severity of the possible damage. Always leave the jobs to the professionals, they have the experience and safety know-how to execute the tasks safely and efficiently with the correct tools.

To learn a more in-depth explanation of it all and the standards engineers need to meet to be up to code, see the history and effects of electricity and how they vary from country to country. 

The main objective, however, irrespective of where you reside is to ensure compliance and safety.

An electric company for you.

Choosing a company that will not only have your best interests at heart but that will complete the job professionally and efficiently is going to require some research. There are plenty of businesses out there offering you the world at a price that seems too good to be true, and in most cases it is. Take your time and choose a reliable company.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options to a handful of companies, browse their websites and see if they have their qualifications and certifications proudly displayed. You want easy to find contact details in the likelihood something were to go wrong in an emergency, and the customer reviews section is a big indicator of the service you should expect.

For a top industry electrician that provides the quality of workmanship, you can visit and other reputable online sites to get the customer service you deserve with peace of mind knowing you are in the safe and capable hands of a professional.  Visit the website for more information.

Experience says a lot about a company, and one that has been in business for a while is a good sign, having seen and dealt with various situations makes them knowledgeable in the best solutions to resolve your issues. 

A final thought.

You may be caring for a 5 member family or are a singleton in a bachelor pad but the objective remains the same, precautions should be implemented to ensure the routine maintenance on plug sockets, electrical connections, and cabling.

No job is too big or too small when it comes to a firm ensuring yours and those in your care’s safety, it is always a priority.

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