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Elegant and Versatile Aurora Lamp by Charles Lethaby

Elegant lampshades, sconce, chandeliers and everything else that contributes in illuminating any interior is much loved by modern home owners. There is no dearth of smart lightings which poses a problem of making the pick.

We at EverCoolHomes help you all in coming out of the dilemma and make the smart choice. Here is one smart lampshade that we are going to talk about today. Dubbed Aurora, this is one of the world’s most versatile lamp. Designed by Charles Lethaby, this iconic lamp sits slyly in the corner of the room and promises to do its job of lighting up the interiors in style.


The lampshade stands on 8 screw-in legs and comes packaged in an ultra-thin tube. As put by the designer, Aurora was his first ever designs when he launched a Charles Lethaby Lighting back in August 2014. The lampshade is made by hand using steel and a TIG-welder.


Charles wants to get the lampshade manufactured in greater volume to make it more affordable and available in a wider range of materials. When disassembled, the entire lamp can fit into an ultra-thin tube just 68mm in diameter.

Aurora is the superb companion to an over-sized filament light bulb. It is on the start line and raring to go. The funds are being raised to ensure the lampshade is manufactured in bulk as there is a very good response to the visual appeal of the lamp and people are much liking it.


There are indeed oodles of lampshades lying on the market shelves, but then very few of them leave the spectators amazed with its visual appeal and smart functionality. Aurora lamp is one such lamp that at mere on glimpse makes the viewers go awe-inspired.

I personally liked the Aurora lampshade to a great extent for its simple and elegant looks. The way it has been crafted and shaped, it is sure to appeal the viewers and sitting in the corner of any room in your modern interiors, it will make your guests jealous persuading them to ask you where you got it from.

For now there are no words on the availability of the lampshade. However, we will keep you posted as to when it will be available for sale.

Rajni Setia

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