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Flower Bud : Portable Kitchen Hood For Modern Kitchens

Do you all know the hazardous effects of  smoke that is produced while you cook? Studies suggest this smoke that we tend to ignore whilst focusing on the cooking part and cleanliness of the cooking area can cause cancer. Sounds scary isn’t it? There are lot many who might have thought of the ill effects of smoke while there is a huge bunch of people who doesn’t even know that it can lead to some serious health issues like cancer.

Those all who are aware of this fact give miscellaneous good reasons of their own for not having enough space for kitchen hood. Reasons like I don’t have enough space or money don’t justify your ignorance towards such important matter.

If you are seriously thinking of taking some action and getting a kitchen hood, then here’s something that you all will love checking out. Designer Seoyeonjin Choi has come up with a smart design that sits/hangs elegantly and promises to do its job quite efficiently.

Flower Bud : Portable Kitchen Hood For Modern Kitchens

Flower Bud : Portable Kitchen Hood For Modern Kitchens

For the small kitchens where even the minor addition makes it look jam-packed, here is a portable kitchen hood. Let me first introduce it to you all followed by brief description of the design, its utility and much more information.

flower bud

Flower Bud is the name given by designer Seoyeonjin Choi to the kitchen range hood that he designed keeping small kitchens in mind. Compact in size and smart in efficiency, Flower Bud is a portable kitchen hood that promises to become the latest addition to your kitchen ensuring to keep the smoke (that is produced while cooking) at bay. The product can be moved from one room to another, hung, or placed on the shelf near the cooking area to absorb harmful smoke.

Flower Bud : Portable Kitchen Hood For Modern Kitchens

flower bud-1

The unique feature that makes it all the more the best bet is that it doubles as a lamp to lighten up the area where it is hung by the house owner. It’s like while you cook, it sits besides and does its job of absorbing harmful smoke and when you are done with the cooking you can hang in the dining area and lighten it up to give a fresh feel to the space.

Flower Bud : Portable Kitchen Hood For Modern Kitchens

flower bud-3

flower bud-5

Flower Bud : Portable Kitchen Hood For Modern Kitchens

Space-efficient, functionally smart, not wearing a hefty price tag, offering flexibility are the main features of ‘Flower Bud that is surely going to be your next pick while you are on shopping spree for your household items.

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