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Geometric Planters : Go Green the Smart Way!

People now a days are becoming more and more aware about global warming and the hazardous effects we human beings are imposing on the planet Earth. For this reason, people are turning green. Eco-living by no means says that you have to compromise on style and choice. Infact, there are oodles of choices that are being made available for the people turning green.

Designed by Jennifer Argo, these are the little planters that are made from the recycled wood. There are three sizes in which these planters are made available viz. small, medium and big.

These wooden planters are made and carved out of recycles ply sheets as we have already mentioned. Began randomly to gift friends and family, these geometric planters turned into a product for selling.

This reminds me of Eco-Chic Pinehole Woodpots With Applied Typography and Kuiper Belt : Beautiful Hanging Pots for your Small Plants. Awesome these eco-friendly products are that promote green living. To join the queue, here are geometric planters.


These are currently made available via online shop. For all those of who are all set to live an eco-chic life and want to buy these geometric planters will get succulents or cacti that will be included for free with any orders that are based within the UK.

While placing the orders, you can specify your preferences. Also, there is a choice of getting the hanging planters in case you don’t have ample space in your apartment. You can get it done without paying extra for it.



The designer has made sure that no two planters are identical. Each one will have a unique shape and sizes too may vary; although slightly.


Aren’t these planters amazing and worth taking home? If these geometric planters have melted your heart and you have made up your mind, you can do so by opening up the website (link given) and place your order. If planting interests you in general, then consider getting some arborist supplies now.

Don’t forget to list down your preferences before you finally place your order. Also, do let us know what you think of these planters by dropping your comments in the section provided below. Go green the smart way!

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