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Get a Spa-Like Feel While Taking the Early Morning Shower/Bath

We go to the spa to pamper skin and ourselves and to get the spa experience. The spa experience leaves us feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. Why go to the spa every time when you can recreate a spa-like experience every day in your home? Let’s look at how you can upgrade your bathroom to give you the spa-like experience every time you have your early morning shower.

Why Is a Spa-Like Shower Essential in The Morning?

A spa-like early morning shower provides you with the benefits that accompany going to a spa. These include:

  • Reduces Stress

A spa-like shower is good not only for your skin but also for your mind. An early morning spa-like shower can significantly reduce your stress levels and impacts how much stress you would feel during the rest of the day.

Stress reduction improves your physical and mental health, which in turn improves your whole being.

  • Improved Mood and Happiness

A relaxing spa-like experience will aid the release of the hormone that improves happiness known as serotonin. It will enhance your mood greatly and leave you feeling happier throughout the day.

  • Reduces Pains and Aches

You may have pains and aches from the previous day due to several reasons. This could be due to workload, sitting for extended periods, exercise or using a mattress that is not supportive. 

Whatever the cause, a spa-like early morning shower will keep the muscles relaxed. This will reduce the amount of pain and aches felt in the body.

  • Reduce the chances of having Headaches

Headaches are constant for some people and can become repeated when the body is stressed. A spa-like shower keeps the blood vessels dilated, makes the body feel relaxed and warm. These reduce the pressure in the head, which in turn helps to get rid of headaches. 

Also, the reduction of stress as a result of an early morning spa-like shower reduces the frequency of headaches occurring during the rest of the day.

What Accessories Do You Need in the Bathroom to Create a Spa-Like Feel?

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  • Incorporate Fresh Breathing Plants

Plants are special, and they contribute to making a space unique. Use plants like the minty eucalyptus to make your bathroom feel luxurious and to improve the spa-like feeling. Use air plants that are easy to take care of to cut down on maintenance.

  • Install Glass Shower Doors

Another accessory that will create a spa-like feel is to upgrade the bathroom with a glass shower door. Bathrooms have evolved, and new styles are emerging. Shower doors are perfect for a spa-like experience, and this can be combined with the use of a shower massage head. 

Glass shower doors for your bathroom are available as either framed shower doors or frameless shower doors.

Framed shower doors are conservative and inexpensive. They may not be as appealing to the eyes as frameless shower doors, but they are very functional.

Frameless shower doors are used to evoke a modern look in trendy bathrooms. They sport a glass finish with curved lines and do not have any glass frames. The glass evokes a minimalist feel and is easy to maintain and clean. The absence of frames also gives the bathroom a bright look.

Glass shower doors are available in the following styles.

  • Folding glass shower doors: Folding glass shower doors offer an option between choosing a hinged and sliding door option. They are perfect in a limited space bathroom but do not restrict you to sliding doors only. folding shower doors are stylish and will fit into any style.
  • Sliding shower doors: If there is limited space in the bathroom, a sliding shower door is a perfect choice. Sliding doors give the bathroom a modern look and are convenient.
  • Hinged shower doors: Hinged shower doors swing into the bathroom in an outward motion. It is suited for a bathroom with lots of space and is a stylish option.
  • Add a Massage Shower Head

A soaking tub is considered a must-have for the ultimate spa-like experience, but this may not be the perfect option for you. The soaking tub may not be convenient for everyday use. 

Adding a massage shower head in place of a soaking tub will not take up more space and will be convenient for everyday use. 

If you have the wherewithal to add both, it would be amazing to have both. If there is not much space and funds are not in excess, a massage shower head would do just fine for your spa-like experience and relaxation needs. 

  • Aromatherapy with Oil Diffusers

Great scents are part of the spa-like experience. The spa-like feel would be incomplete without great scents to improve the mood and one’s health. Oil diffusers are safe and will leave the bathroom smelling great. 

Another way to up the aromatherapy is to use scented candles. Candles will not only leave the bathroom smelling great and improving the spa-like feeling, but they will also add some warmth to the bathroom’s ambience.

  • Beautiful array of candlelit

Array of candlelit is perfect for creating a spa-like experience especially near the bath tube. An excellent way to create a relaxed atmosphere is to use dim lights that are not too bright. The beautiful and warm arrangements of candles make them emit a soft glow. 

Apart from the fact that candles produce warm glow that create a relaxed ambiance, they are good for giving a romantic feeling and a unique joy while bathing.

  • Use Warm Wood Tiles to Evoke Warm Feelings

Wood floorings produce a feeling of warmth and tranquility but are not ideal for the bathrooms. Faux wood tile thanks to technology is a viable replacement. Faux wood tiles recreate natural wood textures, are resistant to water and are available in various patterns that will fit into any design theme. 

  • Bamboo Bath Mat

Bamboo bath mats are strong and durable, eco-friendly, non-slip, do not absorb water and are visually appealing. They evoke the feeling of nature in the bathroom, which improves the spa-like feel and experience. 

  • Heated Towels using towel warmers

One of the critical components of the spa is warm towels. Get the spa experience at home as well with heated towels after a great warm bath. A heated towel will help the body to preserve heat in the body.

To get heated towels, you can install a towel warmer in the bathroom.

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