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Helping you in Finding the Flat Roofing Expert

We are in the process of building our dream home, although it has taken many years of hard work and sacrifices, we’ve done it. And by in the process I mean, we demolished 2 existing abandoned dumps of houses and designed one big house on the plot. As in it started from scratch, digging in the ground to lay foundation concrete.

I had no idea things took so long and so much money,eek-but the details you need to think of were a real eye-opener. Insulation, to screed (whatever that is) and the main component holding it all together, the roof. For what is a jar of mama’s secret sauce if there’s no lid am I right?

When I looked at houses I’d given zero thought to what a roof entailed. It just looks like neatly placed blocks and you’re covered. Boy was I wrong. So many materials, the different layers and finally the pretty face you have to decide that will be the exterior tiles. I’m exhausted just reliving the memories.

How to choose roof tiles.

Before it all begins, the main component is going to be the type of tile material you want. And trust me, the options available are vast, and constantly improving. Watch this quick video to see a simplified explanation of what materials are available and their pros and cons.

You will also need to take into consideration the end aesthetic of the house design, will it compliment the finished look and add value to the home? The wrong tile profile can ruin a beautifully thought-out design.

Believe it or not color plays a big factor too, the finish of the roof seals the deal. You also want something that fits with your surroundings, the neighborhood, and your style and that is why we recommend an expert contractor from

It is, of course, your home and you want it the way you envisioned, but having a bright pink roof will not only be an eyesore to the environment, especially if you live in the mountains like us, but the neighbors probably won’t be too happy either. Might not be that many plates of cookies coming your way in the future.

Lastly, adding accessories is like throwing sprinkles on the cake. Trims and small touches add a chicness and finesse to round it all up. And you stand back as your masterpiece has come to life, a day you thought would never arrive.

Now to get it all done right you just need a reputable and reliable roof installer and you’re good to go. 

A company with many years of experience is the best option, they will have seen and done it all, and will give you the best advice tailored to your needs. If this sounds like the service you’re looking for, then try to look for good roofing company like flat roofer Gateshead who always aim for quality and customer service you can count on, and deserve.

 5 Qualities to look for in Hiring a roof installer.

  • Insurance. Make sure you see certificates showing that the company has workers compensation and liability insurance in place, phone the stated companies to validate the certificates. This will give you huge peace of mind and everyone knows where they stand at the start of the project.
  • Local. Using a local company can be great as they would have settled and established themselves within the community. Everybody will probably know them and have used them at one point, and you can rely on referrals from locals. It also ensures that they won’t just pack up and go out of business over-night.
  • Price. Cheaper is not always better. And in most cases ends up costing you more. They might save you money in the beginning, but any problems that need fixing are usually covered by insurance when using a reliable company and not so much by John Smith working out of his truck on the weekends. You get what you pay for.
  • Details. Having everything on paper and signed by both parties will keep the air clear. Have a completion date stated, the ‘full’ cost of the project-no surprises-and pay only once the work is completed and you’ve done the assessment and inspection. 
  • Communication. This is paramount in the journey of the project. If you are left in the dark things can quickly go wrong. Have they sent over all and any documents you requested, have they been quick in their response times or are you doing the chasing? If you answered yes to any of these it should raise a red flag, and in my opinion, you’re better off going with someone who ‘makes the time’ for your business. 

There will for sure be ‘companies’ and businesses who knock on doors and try to convince you that your roof is need of repair, and they are in the neighborhood offering a great deal, don’t be fooled. 

Don’t sign any paperwork or be pressured into saying yes. Get in touch with the company that installed your roof or someone you know and have a consultation done, most cases end up being nothing more than a scam to get your money and could make a situation out of nothing.

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