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Home Search, Now an Easy and Joyful Experience with HDFC Red

Every person wants a have a home where he can live peacefully with his family. Our home is the only place in the world where we are the authority and we can live the way we want. The comfort of own house cannot be compared with even a five star luxurious room. Home is the place where we spend our most precious time and make valuable memories of life. We celebrate festival and raise kids at our homes. All our relatives and friends come to our home to meet us. Homes are associated with our identity, they provide shelter and safety to us.

Unfortunately not all people have there home in this world and forced to spend there lives in rented houses. Many people who come from rural background or small cities, get settled in metropolitan cities where they live in uncomfortable environment with roommates which if ok till the time they are bachelors but after getting married every one requires privacy and eventually requires a new home to live in.

Although buying a home is not at all easy anywhere in our country, be a small city or a metro. first of all its an expensive process and secondly its extremely hectic as well as time consuming. People invest their hard-on money or take loans to purchase a home so they definitely deserve a proper accommodation in return but most of them suffer due to misleading information provided by brokers and builders. Many people complain that estate agents are highly unorganised and instead of buyer’s expectation, they focus more on cracking the deal and getting their commission. There are many websites available too but they also don’t give sufficient information do not guide about the entire process of buying the property.

Every one wants to get the best possible house or property at a decent price and for that a responsible and trustworthy mediator is required. By keeping all the needs and problems in mind HDFC has created a revolutionary portal named HDFC RED. Their main target is to help Indian buyer is purchasing their dream home without wasting time and taking so much stress.


If you want to buy a 1 BHK flat in Kolkata or if you want to get the details of flats for sale in Mumbai then you have no need to be physically present over there to look for it. This portal can give all the information on your phone in a systematic way and also lets you know about each step of buying that property.

  • HDFC RED portal provides you a platform where you can search over 24,000 types of properties (villa, apartments etc.) and has presence in 23 cities.
  • The portal database includes information of more then 7000 New Builder Projects.
  • Users get detailed information of the Project  though various options such as amenities, images, floor plans and approximate EMI to set the budget accordingly.
  • Unbiased Personalized Property Display tool lets users find their preferred home faster by showing results in an order relevant to their requirements and interests.
  • The card design architecture present complex information in a simplified way.
  •  It shows each property with a relevance score and feedback based on user’s priorities and needs.

Most of the Indians use internet on mobile that’s why company has also made HDFC RED portal mobile friendly. You can download the app on your smartphone get notifications of best deals on your iOS or Android device directly. Apart from few additional features such as Home Loan Calculator and Online Application rest everything is available on the mobile app. Here are few screenshots from mobile app that will help you understand how easy the app is to find the new property in your city.



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