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House Painting Tips from Local House Painters

Every once in a while, many home owners would often prefer to redecorate their homes and maybe change a few things to make it look different from how it was. One of the main changes or rather the most common one is painting.

We all know the benefits of painting your home can be quite rewarding and this is perhaps one of the reasons why most people always repaint their homes. Sounds like an interesting activity? Maybe, but quite a number of people don’t prefer doing it themselves as it is considered messy, monotonous and also takes much time to accomplish.

Maybe you are just not doing it right and most definitely need some help. With that said, below are a few painting tips you can use anytime you think about paining your house. For more on house painting you can also check out Michigan Pure Painters Ann Arbor.

  • Use a paint shield

When painting your house, of course you will need something to mask off those areas you wouldn’t want paint to go on the trim when painting, right? Well, the painters tape can always be used for this purpose however, using a paint shield is recommended especially when you are painting the baseboard on a floor with a carpet. They are usually quite affordable and can be found in different sizes and styles. Other things that can also be used includes a dust pan, a putty knife or even a cardboard as long as it has a straight edge.

  • Use screws to raise the furniture

House painting doesn’t necessarily mean painting the house alone, sometimes you might feel like extending your work to some small furniture around as well.

Things like stools and chairs or any light pieces of furniture can be raised by drilling some screws into their bottom or legs. This should be done with absolute care so that you don’t mess up and end up splitting the entire wood.

Raising the furniture comes in handy as it makes them to be more accessible when painting and also prevents them from sticking to the surface you were painting on. Click here to see more things you need to know when you want to paint.

  • Drip Stopper

As pointed out earlier, most people don’t like painting because it messy. I said, maybe you aren’t doing it right. Well, if you don’t want your work area to get messy, you should consider working with drip stoppers.

They help by wiping the paint off your brush in a better and neater way. Using the drip stoppers means not having to worry about the paint getting in the lid’s gutter and also to the sides of the paint can. You can simply create one using a coat hanger and put it in the center of the paint can or just use a taut rubber band.

  • Poking holes in the can’s gutter

This is usually a simple trick that can help you not to waste your paint and can go a long way in saving you a few bucks. Pocking holes in the gutter of the paint cans will help to prevent the paint from accumulating in the gutter of the can and splashing everywhere when putting back the lid and tap it to get shut. To avoid causing any mess, just use a nail and poke a few holes in the gutters of your paint can. You can also use an ice pick.

  • Use Aluminum foil

As human beings, we always like an easy way out but what can I say, it’s our nature, right? Well, after painting, there’s always a little bit of cleaning required to make the paint stand out and for you to clearly see your work.

To reduce the amount of time required for the cleaning, you can consider using aluminum foils to cover up things like door knobs and fixtures.

You can also use it to cover the inside of your paint tray as this will make it easy for you to clean it up afterwards as you will only need to make a ball of the foil and kick it away. Make sure to use more layers just in case it tears.

You don’t have to be a professional for you to be able to paint. This is something you can do on your own as a leisure activity and become better at it by practicing bit by bit. There are a lot of benefits you can get from painting your home hence the need to do it right. See some of the rules you must follow when painting your house: The above tips can help you get started. Enjoy your painting.

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