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How to choose the Right Roof Shingles Color?

Are you planning to install a new roof or replace your existing one? In both cases you are faced with a long-term decision process, devoting special attention to every single aspect. Apart from selecting top-notch materials to ensure quality, you’re also supposed to select shingles in the best-looking color. 

Choosing the right shade, means providing your home with a fantastic look which is going to be kept in the upcoming twenty years. This decision leaves no room for mistakes, thus requiring particular devotion to all the factors which might influence your choice. 

Fortunately, nowadays there are numerous roofing companies such as, offering their professional services in order to provide you with the best solution.

Nevertheless, every homeowner looking for the right shingles, should take a look at the following tips, designed to ease the process of making a final decision.

Consider the design of your house 

Not all house designs are a good match with every type of shingle color. Therefore, firstly you need to determine the design of your own house in order to pick the color which suits it the best. For instance, if you’re an owner of a traditional house, then the most suitable variant would be to select one color shingles. On the other hand, modern houses can be paired with shingles in multiple colors which would be the perfect accessory to their chic style.

Anyhow, in case you lack ideas, inspect the appearance of the homes in your neighborhood and use them as source of inspiration. You’ll certainly find at least couple of comparable ones in terms or size and design. If your investigation results in no luck, there’s always a possibility to do an online research which is going to provide with much more than just a few ideas.

Match the roof with the siding

When selecting a shingle color, you need to aim for a contrast with the exterior paint, as choosing the exact same color would be monotonous. Experts in exterior home painting said that light exteriors are perfectly paired with darker tones of shingles and vice versa. Those homeowners who aren’t keen on a bold contrast, should opt for a milder contrast in shades, which would still be noticeable, only not extreme.

Naturally, some shades don’t go well in combination with others. Therefore, make sure the tone you choose is nicely blended with the siding in order to avoid turning your house into an eye sore. A bad combination of shades is going to make your home look tacky. Visit this page for the best roof and house combinations in order to find the most suitable one for you. 

Check the neighborhood rules

Making a statement by selecting an unusual roof color is not always feasible. Homeowners dwelling in suburban neighborhoods are most commonly obliged to respect the rules of their association regarding the exterior of all houses in that area. Don’t start your project, prior to inquiring whether your neighborhood has a strict policy about roof color. In case it does, there’s no other alternative, but to comply with the rest of the residences.

In addition, even if you’re not limited in your choice, take a good look at the other residences to see whether they follow a particular trend. If all of them look alike, think carefully about disrupting this uniformity.  According to Roofing OKC, by selecting the same roof style, you’ll assimilate with the others while choosing a contrasting one is definitely going to make your home stand out. The final decision is yours.

Consider the climate

Another significant factor, but often a neglected one, is the climate where you live. Those homeowners living in warmer climates should opt for shingles in lighter shades, as they divert the sunrays, thus preventing extreme heat from entering your attic and spreading throughout the whole house. 

Conversely, homeowners living in cold and snowy climates, should purchase dark tone shingles as they absorb sunlight which goes through the attic, making a temperature difference of at least 20 degrees. Dark shingles are also an excellent solution for regions where roofs are piled up with snow, providing faster melting which eventually leads to roof damage.

Furthermore, homeowners dwelling in extremely hot areas are provided with the alternative of purchasing cool roof shingles, particularly designed to reflect sunlight. Although they cost more than the standard ones, cool roofs are the most cost-effective solution, as they reduce your energy bills.

Consult with a professional roofer

Professional roofers will certainly help you in making the right choice, owning to their extensive experience and superior knowledge. Therefore, you’re advised to consult a roofer who is going to offer you a range of shingles to choose from as well as various catalogues featuring different combinations. 

In case you already have a particular idea on your mind, the roofer is the right person to tell you whether your idea is viable or provide you with a better one. Nevertheless, remember that your potential roofer has to be licensed and insured.

Select a good material

Although asphalt shingles are the most prominent type of chosen material, there’re other material worth taking into consideration such as wood, clay or slate. Wood shingles are made of high-quality wood, typically in a brown color unlike the clay ones which are mostly in a red shade. The slate shingles are characteristic for their gray tones as well as for the costliest price. 

The material should be selected in accordance with the climate, as wood shingles are banned in fire-prone regions while the clay ones are easily breakable and not able to withstand harsh weather. Although the asphalt material is less appealing for the eye, it’s definitely the most solid one. Visit the following link:, for tips on selecting the most suitable material.

Wrap up

Roof shingles are an indispensable part of every roof, contributing to the overall beauty of your home. 

Be careful when selecting the right shade, material and style. 

Consult with a professional roofer if necessary. 

You only want the best for your home, nothing less! 

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