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How to Get the Right Company for Roofing in Newcastle

Since replacing a roof isn’t actually cheap, you would want to ensure that you get the right company so that you don’t run into problems. But since there are many companies out there, how can you tell the right one to get? In this article, we are going o show you the things you need to look for in a roofing company.

Check for Their Licenses

It is very important to know the right materials and tools when fixing or installing a roof. It is also crucial to have the experience to carry out the work. A company with a license shows that they have the right skills and experience to do the job. So you are taking a huge risk if you hire a company that doesn’t have a license.

Find out The Length Of Time The Company Has Existed In the Business

You wouldn’t want to go for a surgery with someone who just started the job because it will be risky. This goes the same for hiring a roofing company. To give you a peace of mind, it would be best to pick one that has had a record of completing jobs satisfactorily. For example, is a roofing company that has that has been in business for over 15 years so it’s easy to tell if they’ve been doing a good job or not.

Ask People about Their Experience 

Before hiring a company, ask them whether there have previous clients that you can contact. Once you have gotten their numbers, ask these folks what their experience was and whether they would want to hire them again.

Read People’s Reviews

A good way to find out what quality of work a company delivers is by looking at people’s reviews on them. Take a look at how recent the reviews are, and how many good reviews they have. If most of the reviews are bad, it might be good for you to move on.

Do They Wear Uniforms?

You may be wondering what kind of question this is. But, anyone could come into your house and claim that they are the person the company sent. So, uniforms can help you identify the employee so that you don’t get the wrong guy in your house. 

Check Their Insurance

Installing or fixing a roof isn’t safe at all. This is why you need to check their insurance to make sure that whatever damages are done is covered. Not only will this be better and safer, it will also save you from spending any extra money. You can click here for more information on why people who come to work on your property need insurance.

Don’t Choose Only Because Of the Price

You will end up with what you have payed for. So if you go for a cheap company, it is likely that you won’t get the best of service. However, it is possible that a cheap one might actually provide you with good service. So check what they can deliver and NOT just their price.

Do They Have Warranty?

Not many companies offer warranty that cover problems that might occur in the future. If a roof isn’t installed properly, it would take up to years for it to be noticed (your insurance won’t even pay for this). How long the warranty is isn’t so important. The fact that they offer you one shows the level of confidence they have in the quality of work they do. So you should at least hire one with a warranty to fix any damages in the future.

Ask If They Have a Physical Location

Some roofing “companies” don’t have a location. In fact, some of them work from a truck. This would make it so simple for those kinds of people to disappear. So if by any chance you run into problems with their work, you won’t be able to contact or find them.


Find Out Who Will Perform the Repair or Installation

Is the company going to send their workers to repair your roof? You wouldn’t want to wake up to see that a crew you know nothing of is on your turf. Some companies actually hire people from a different place. And if this happens, the company who manufactured the roofing materials might cancel the warranty which the materials have. So all in all, you wouldn’t know whether the person working on your roof is qualified to do so.

Do They Go Through The Usual Safety Training?

The business of roofing has risks. Before deciding that you are going to hire a company, ensure that they actually have safety trainings for all of their employees. This will reduce the risk of being anyone being endangered on your property. 

Ask What Happens with Unplanned Repairs

You may have seen somewhere that when the workers start working on the problem they were called for, another problem came up. With roofing, something like this could happen. The workers might start taking off the roof and suddenly, they notice another problem with it. Find out how the company handles these kinds of problems and ensure you are happy with their policy before you hire them. 

Make Sure They Have Roofing Materials of High Quality

No matter how good the installer may be, if they don’t use good quality materials, your money has been wasted. Low quality roofing can be easily damaged, meaning that you will need to pay for an additional repair.  

Will The Workers Take Off The Previous Roof?

Some companies just put new shingles on an old roof; however, this isn’t really a good idea. The reason being that it will add more weight to the old roof and mask any other problems there may be with it. Masking a problem could mean that you will need to spend more money for future repairs. Even though it may work for a while, it usually doesn’t end well.

When Is Payment Requested By the Company?

If the company requests a lot of money to be paid before starting the job, it would be unwise to pay. Even if they say that it is needed to get the materials for the roofing. If they are actually established, they should have the ability to pay for price of the materials till the job is completed or until they have delivered the materials to you. 


So, we have covered the things you need to do to get the right roofing company. These aren’t so many things, but when you try them out, you will be content the end result. Just remember to look thoroughly before picking one so that you do not have to spend more money than you have to.

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