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How to Give Your Driveway the Best Maintenance it Needs

What would you think about a homeowner whose house seems newly painted each time you pass by, lawns are always refreshingly green and well-kept, the front yard subtly boasts with its colorful blooms and even the driveway is dirt-free, stain-free and flawless?

You’ll surely think that the homeowner loves putting in effort in making their home as tidy and presentable as possible. Hardworking and neat would probably be the first words that would come to your mind.

When you see how sparkly clean the driveway is, you’ll surely think that that the homeowner is very particular even to the small details of tidiness. It’s so easy to overlook the driveway and put off any work that needs to be done for it until the next day, and the next day and the next until you totally forget about it.

It’s a constant subject to dirt, stains and foliage anyway. So why bother primping it up all the time? Some might reason that way. But actually, it’s the first thing your neighbors and passersby see each day. And yes, folks, they judge you based on that.

So, if I’m on your shoes, I’d pay attention to my driveway on a constant basis. Not only does it earn me good impression, it’s also one of the ways I can cut back on unnecessary expenses in the long run. When you regularly do proper maintenance, the more you can avoid allotting a bigger budget on major repairs. You’ll save more time, too.

What are the top things you should keep in mind in keeping your driveway in good condition all the time? Check the following guide from this Quick, Easy, And Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas article.

1.Know what kind of maintenance your driveway needs.

The kind and level of maintenance that your driveway needs would depend on the material it was made. Is it concrete, asphalt, gravel, sand, or anything else? Remember that each of these has special needs. You’d probably need a specific set of cleaning and maintenance materials for each.

For example, the features required for a concrete driveway sealer might be different from what is required for asphalt. The frequency of reapplying sealers varies, too. Always do your research on how to maintain a particular kind of pavement. Ask experts if possible. You can also read credible reviews such as’s driveway sealer comparison to get more valuable information.

2. Remove stains as early as possible.

Your driveway is one of the areas around your home that is ‘used-and-abused’ so to speak. It receives its own fair share of daily wear and tear, heavy traffic and stains from random things. Apparently, these include motor oil, radiator fluid and other stain-causing substances. Besides the fact that it makes surfaces look untidy, it can also damage both concrete and asphalt over time.

So, scrub those stains down as soon as possible. If you wait a little longer, you’ll have more difficulty getting rid of them as they accumulate. You might even need professional cleaning services if they’re too difficult to remove.

  • Don’t overlook cracked spots.

One of the best solutions to prevent cracks is to get rid of anything that causes them in the first place. For example, trees and shrubs can cause them as their roots grow bigger and push up from below. To avoid this situation, avoid planting trees near driveways, especially those that tend to grow into a massive size.

The larger the tree, the bigger its roots grow and the longer they spread. The more it is difficult to maintain it or cut it down in the future when the situation asks for it. Larger, longer roots also have bigger impact when they push up from below, thus, damaging the surface above.

Another important measure is to regularly seal your driveway. If it’s concrete, it should be done every year. On the other hand, you can reapply sealers on asphalt every few years. Use fillers for cracks and holes before you completely seal the whole area. Learn more tips from this useful guide on how to repair cracks in a concrete driveway.

Its appearance isn’t the only concern why it is done. It also helps prevent accidents that uneven surfaces cause.

4. Don’t park excessively heavy vehicles on it.

Trucks and other construction vehicles? Think again before parking them on your driveway. It isn’t designed for excessively heavy vehicles such as these. They can cause cracks especially on the edges. If you need them for a home renovation project, make sure they are parked somewhere else that can withstand the excess weight.

5. Clean it properly and regularly.

Even the simplest act of sweeping daily and weekly can make a huge difference. Wet, fallen leaves that have dried over time can cause stains, too. They can get stuck in chips and cracks. Any of that is unsightly. So, go ahead, sweep early in the morning or late in the afternoon even if you don’t feel like it. You’re not only able to keep your driveway clean, you’re also able to sweat it out and burn those excess fats. Nice exercise, right?

A properly maintained driveway can last many years. It will help you cut back on unnecessary expenses. It can contribute to your home’s overall appearance and quality. What’s more a well-kept home from inside-out will earn you good reputation. Who wouldn’t want those benefits? So, it’s about time you give your driveway the best maintenance it needs.

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