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How to Use Snow Roof Rakes in Winter?

Though a little snow on your roof may look like a perfect design, massive snow gathering can lead to damages to it and also cause problems for the occupants of your home.

Using a snow roof rake to remove the ice gathering on the rooftop properly is the best solution for you. This tool is approximately 20-ft-long, and it is made up of aluminum. It is what most homeowners use to reduce the buildup of ice dams for this part of the house.

Using a snow roof rake can be quite challenging and risky. That’s why we’ve come up with a few tips on how to use it during winter.

1. Make your own inspection

It is very important that before you start hooking the edges of your roof and loosening the shingles, that you first of all inspect it thoroughly, or have a roofer take a look at it. If you do not follow this procedure, it will be worse than it was at the beginning of your raking.

This inspection should be done before snow gathers, preferably during the fall or summer period, after the season of leaf removal is over. Inspect the house for shingles that are loose or cracked, or flashings that are sticking out that can be hooked back in place. Also, make sure to check your gutter and find out if it’s loose, if it is, hire the gutter repair alexandria services. The link below has some tips on how to do your own inspection.

2. Take note of icicles

Icicles are hangings of ice formed by the freezing of dripping water. The bigger the icicles are, the harder it drops. One reckless move from your roof rake can easily knock off large icicles. A lot of people have gotten injuries from this.

A giant icicle can weigh as much as 50-60 pounds, and when this falls from the roof while you are underneath, it can kill you. That’s why you should rake with extra care, especially if there are icicles noticed. If the load on the building top is too much for you, you can seek the help of a professional roofer to handle it.

3. Handle steep roofs with care

When you are raking a steep roof, make sure to stand as far as you can, to avoid heavy snow falling on top of you. A steep ceiling will make snow fall much faster. While lighter loads can fall on you without causing problems, heavy loads or icicles can lead to a whole different story.

This is why you have to be wary of steep roofing’s and know precisely where to position while raking them. This website has some useful tips on caring for your home roofing. 

4. Protect your shrubs

A lot of homeowners make the mistake of not protecting their shrubs while raking their roofs. This is why they end up tearing their bushes into halves with ice that has been raked off a building.

If you cannot correctly shield your shrubs, then try to rake off the snow from bit by bit and in small pieces. This will prevent your shrubs from damaging.

5. Do not walk on the roof

It is strongly advised that you do not walk on your roofs during the winter periods. Ice and snow that gathers on the ceiling make for a slippery surface for you to be walking on. For safety purposes, it’s best to leave it for professional roofers. Because if you neglect this advice and step on snow, it can turn to sheets of ice that can lead to snow dams.

6. Be cautious of power lines

You must handle your snow roof rake with care. They are made of aluminum, and you do not want them to get in contact with an overhead power line. Take note of the position of the power line and make sure to check a couple of times while you rake. 

How to Use a Snow Roof Rake?

Roofing rakes are great tools to get the job done for you, make sure to use it appropriately.

The best and safe way to rake is to stand on the ground and use them to scrape the snow and ice off the edges of your ceiling. This way proves to be safer for homeowners.

But if you feel that your roof needs a thorough cleaning, then you should seek the help of a roofing professional near you.

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