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LivePure i-taste : First Wi-Fi Enabled Smart RO Launched in India

Livpure, one of the leading manufacturer of water purifiers launched its new model i-taste on August 10, 2016 which is claimed to be India’s first Smart RO that allows users to influence the taste of purified water at the temperature of their choice. Livpure is the most advanced brand and a flag bearer of intelligent products with new technologies in terms of water purification. By introducing iTaste it has redefined the concept of water purification and brings a higher level of quality at a decent price.

It is possible to remotely control the i-taste through a smartphone using an android app as it enables Wi-Fi support which stands it apart from the crowd. It also has the ability to proactively interact with the Livpure service center and makes pre-emptive maintenance easier when required.

i-taste exceeds with other products in the category due to its extraordinary features. The purifier comes with Anti-oxidant and Mineralizer Cartridge to deliver healthy drinking water each time. There are eight stages of water purification that provide warm, hot and ambient temperature water distribution as per your preference.


Livpure also unveiled a water purifier cum dispenser namely Knight along with i-taste in the same event. This premium looking iconic dispenser features Reverse osmosis (RO), ultraviolet (UV) and ultrafiltration (UF) water purification technologies and a taste enhancer. You can read the water softener salt review here. Knight also includes eight stages of purification and dispense hot and cold water. The product is highly efficient and ensures the purity of water. It has an advance compressor which produces low noise and provide stable output.

In continuance of I Can philosophy, Livpure also presented a new entry level model Glitz+ which works on Reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration technologies to supply unmixed drinking water. The product has remarkable processing which is sufficient to value conscious consumers who currently use inferior water purifiers and are seeking something better in the same price segment.

As far as the cost is concerned, Livpure has launched all three models at affordable prices so that a common man can buy and maintain them with ease.

  • The i-taste will be available at INR 27,999,
  • Knight is priced at INR 31,999 and,
  • Glitz+ will cost you around INR 10,999 in India.

The above mentioned price is the maximum retail price and the products will be sold through 14000 outlets across the country as Livpure has its presence in 22 states as of now. the company is growing rapidly and includes 400 service centres and 500 distributors in its group.

Livpure is the most fastest growing water purifier company in India and has come with many innovative products in past couple of years to make our lives healthy. The company has established itself as a trusted brand and has always endeavoured to meet the expectations of a buyers. Its new products have again repeated the brand’s commitment and have specified the meaning of water purification in an advanced manner.

All three products include exceptional features and provide ultimate performance. The facility to communicate with the service center and giving the opportunity to the user to handle it via smartphone makes the i-taste highly preferable for those who live a busy life and want to use smart devices from manufacturers.

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  1. LivePure i-taste : First Wi-Fi Enabled Smart RO Launched in India
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