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6 Excellent Tips to Make Bathroom Eco-Friendly

Going eco-friendly never asks the home owners to compromise with style and classiness. With more and more designers focusing on the aesthetic appeal of such products that promise to reduce the hazardous effect being imposed on our environment one gets to come across amazing options.

Anything stylish with smart functionality never fails to impress. Bathroom is one category on EverCoolHomes that includes some of the really cool ideas to make bathroom area all the more modern to give it the touch of elegance. From bathtubs to unusual faucets there are many products that we have talked in detail about in the same category.

As you all can easily make out from the header of the article, today we have decided to discuss the tips and ideas to make your bathroom eco-friendly. How? Read on to know what all little things you can do to make your bathroom as stylish and eco-friendly as you can.

1. Low Flow Shower Heads

Ever wondered how much water goes down the drain while we take a shower? For this very reason it is suggested to install low-flow shower-head. If you all are aware of the fact that a typical shower head uses around 5 to 8 gallons of water per minute and if you install low-flow head, it will bring the consumption down to 2.5 gallons. Besides, with these you save on the amount of energy being used to heat the water. In short, low flow shower-heads solve the dual purpose and helps you make your bathroom eco-friendly. We have covered Darth Vader and R2-D2 low flow shower heads, you can buy if these solve your purpose or you are a diehard StarWars fan.


2. Light Bulbs

Now is the time to switch to LED lights. Everywhere the use of LED is being promoted and using these will help you cut down on the electricity usage, thereby leading to lessen down the burden on your pockets. Change the light bulbs of your bathroom to make it eco-friendly. On average an LED bulb consumes 80 percent less energy than the usual bulbs. Isn’t this enough reason to make sure you get the best eco-friendly results. There are many best mobile app controlled smart bulbs available in the market that you can also buy to reduce the power consumption.


3. Motion Sensor Faucets

Faucets now a days are being designed with the smart motion sensor technology to ensure there is no wastage of water. Despite all the best intentions, we tend to waste a lot of water while washing hands, brushing our teeth or anything from washing face to cleaning dishes. A motion sensor is all that is needed to ensure water is not being wasted. Check unusual faucets available in the market with motion sensors.


4. Low Flow Toilet

We all know that the toilets use approximately 27% of the water that we consume in the entire household. A wise idea would be to replace your old toilet with a low-flow model that will help reduce the water consumption. The apartments that are being made nowadays ensure that the low-flow toilets are installed by the contractor.


5. Energy-Efficient Vent Fan

Vent fans help keep moisture at bay, but then you can be smart enough to cut down on energy usage by replacing the standard fan with an energy star rated vent fan.  This will provide you with a 60% energy savings over the usual fans.

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6. Eco-friendly and sustainable Bath Product Usage

Last but not the least from bath towels to hand soap to toilet paper, there are various kinds of eco-friendly and sustainable products that can be used to make it more environmentally friendly. Buy green and certified organic products, and these will be a great contribution at your end to lessen down the environmental footprint.


To sum up, there are various ways out to make your home or specific part of your home like bathroom eco-friendly. I am sure you are making small efforts at your end to lessen down the hazardous impact we human being have been left on our environment. Even if not, it’s never late to make changes. Go ahead, make these little changes and you can ensure that your bathroom is Eco-friendly and you are contributing in making our world as eco-friendly as possible.

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