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Making the Most of Your Great Outdoors

Ah, the joys of spring. As the never-ending winter months finally start to come to a close, the heady scent of spring is beginning to permeate the air and add an undeniable frisson of excitement, especially for those who are starting to see a light at the end of their lockdown tunnel. Green shoots of new life are starting to poke through the soil; the days are growing longer, with the sun sitting higher in the sky; and there’s hope beginning to bud for a more optimistic-looking year.

Simultaneously, many countries are starting to plot their path out of the murky smog of lockdown, with plans over the spring months including increased outdoor allowances in line with the weather. Now is the perfect time, then, to make the most of your own great outdoors and prepare for sophisticated spring and summer socializing!               

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Treading on Uneven Ground

Want to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful garden teeming with vivacious blooms and picturesque views, but have an uneven, unconventional landscape? Although such a thing instils fear into most home-gardeners, there’s no need to be afraid of your sloping landscape. Gardens containing hillsides and sloping, with the right care and attention, have the potential to be transformed into a stunning landscape allowing for sloping water features and staggered plant beds or vegetable gardens. All it takes is some careful planning and measurements to get started!

Creating Your Own Red Carpet

If your garden contains debris-littered pathways, lined with pesky weeds sneaking through, it’s time to embark on a little spring cleaning. As well as pulling the unwanted weeds and sweeping up debris that has collected, you can attempt a whole new vibe altogether and jazz up your pathways with a simple addition: create a planting strip either side of the path and line it with colorful flowers or miniature trees, turning your pathways into a flowery red carpet, perfect for each and every entrance. 

Keeping it DIY Fantastic

Nothing adds a touch of personality to an outdoor space better than DIY-built furniture. Whether you enjoy fashioning patio furniture out of old pallets, combining odds and ends to build quirky garden decorations such as windchimes or other hanging ornaments, or utilizing old containers such as an unused porcelain sink as a planter, there are plenty of DIY and upcycling ideas to suit all your needs.   

Light Up Your Life

Some well-placed lighting choices scattered across the landscape can help to create a certain ambience for all occasions, whether it’s date night or a gathering of friends! There are hundreds of options to choose between, ranging from ostentatious designs to those that are more soft and subtle, like fairy lights, and including a whole host of environmentally-friendly, solar powered lights.

Path to Tranquility

For many people, the garden is seen as a calming, stress-free space to escape to when the world begins to get too much. One way to enhance the tranquility of gardens is to build in one or two water features. The sound of running water is soothing to many, while such a feature helps to break up the garden expanse and add an entirely new level. Water features also include the benefit of encouraging wildlife into your garden space – particularly in the spring and summer months – which in itself can be incredibly calming. Coupled effectively with complementary plants and lighting, you can create a uniquely breath-taking, serene space to help clear your mind.

With so many different ways to enhance your outdoor space, you’re sure to find something that suits you and your family perfectly – just in time for the warmer months! 

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