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20+ Trendy Minimal Home Office Design Ideas

Opting for freelancing is one tough decision to make as it asks for a lot of self discipline, time management and much more to help you follow the path of success. All those of you who are into freelancing or have just made up their mind to join the queue surely found the tips on putting your home office and did the 15+ creative motivational posters for your home office helped you?

Today’s topic will revolve around home office too. This time we have prepared a showcase of 20+ trendy minimal home office design ideas for all those of you planning one for yourself. Each of the home office design listed below is unique and cool with minimal distractions to help you stay focused.
Sneak a peek at the superb minimal home office ideas that are classy and minimalist which indeed are magnetizing!

1. Minimalist Office

A grunge wall paint, adding awesomeness to this minimal home office design.


2. Woollhara

A table, chair, small seating sofa and an Apple iMac – that’s what all you need to create a minimal home office.


3. Minimal Style

A relaxing corner where everything is in its place and that too the essentials. A perfect setup for home office with white chair, white desk, white wall- mounted shelves that will help you keep cool.


4. For Houzz

A perfect example of minimalist home office design by Nanette Wong.


5. Danish Home Office

How about using minimal wood panelling that will add warmth and earthiness to your home office?


6. Workspaces at Vedbaek House IV

A white and black color scheme never goes wrong, even in the case when you are putting up your home office. Not only home office, white and black living rooms also look inspiring and contemporary.


7. Super Minimal Home Office

A perfect combination of white walls, white floors and dark sandalwood desk.


8. Mountain View

An awesome workspace with everything white in color looks so elegant and minimal.


9. Turramurra Home Office

A stunning home office with a stunning home office design that features a world map on one wall and minimal in-built white color cabinets on the other side. You can also hang some creative motivational posters on your home office walls.


10. Office Space Cum Study Area

A beautiful shelve and desk that is perfect for your home office or also used as study area when you are not working.


11. Office in Garden Room

How about setting up an office in garden room that brings you near to nature? Actually, there are many places in a home where you can put up your home office but it never comes to mind.


12. Mid Century Modern Addition

Just like the above home office, this home office in Truro will bring you to the nature too with large windows giving you awesome views. However, I don’t know who use fax machines these days, but you can easily replace them with desktop or laptop.


13. Stylish White Workspace

Another beautiful home office design that has white color scheme with built-in white cabinets for keeping important documents and a warm colored wood desk just looks awesome.


14. Concrete Desktop Home Office

How about creating your own concrete desktop and use it in your little office space that not only looks minimal but beautiful too. Check out this DIY project we spotted at


15. Super Minimal Home Office

Nothing beats when comes to minimalist home office design when you see this. A modern task chair, an equivalent minimal lamp gives, white window blinds for natural light is so soothing that you won’t leave the office.


16. Modern English Country Home Office

This minimal home office design shows that you don’t need a separate room to set up your office.


17. Minimal Home Office in Adelaide

A minimal home office in Adelaide that provides natural sunlight from a big window and has ample of wardrobes to put your favorite books and important office files. There are many unusual bookshelves too, that will surely look cool when you buy according to your home office color scheme.


18. Contemporary Home Office

How about a small office space in corner of your living room? A wooden desk, chair, simple lamp and a water pot will do the trick.


19. Inverness

A beautiful color scheme, a long wooden desk where two persons can easily sit and work and white color wall clocks to set different time zones. There are many unusual wall clocks available in the market that will give an extra Oomph to your home
office space.


20. Writer’s Studio

When it comes to design an office space for a writer, you should be very careful. You don’t need many things as it can be distracting for the writer. Well, I think Bertram Architects understand this and designed a minimal studio for a writer that has only essential things.


21. Contemporary Home Office Design

For those, who want a super minimal home office.


22. New Farm Apartment

No doubt it is minimal, but I love the transparent chair which is used in this home office design.


23. Barren

A wooden desk, wooden chair and large window in front of you is all you need for a minimal office.


Which one(s) of the above listed minimalist home office design ideas appealed you the most? Do share your home office idea with us if you believe it to be classy, minimalist and unique.

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