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14 Most Creative Mirror Designs to Drool Over

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all! Mirrors indeed are our best friend who shows us to how we look. Not just this, mirrors make the interior look stupendous. Now a day, people are picking up more and more various kinds of mirrors to add to their modern homes thereby giving it all the more cool look.

Talk about different kind of mirrors, there are indeed oodles of them lie on the market shelves or you can go online and order them to be delivered right at your doorsteps. How cool is that! Well, today we have listed down some of the really cool and unusual mirrors of different shape and deigns.

Want to check them out? What’s the wait for do it now! Hit a jump and take a look at what all kinds of creative mirror designs we have listed here for you all.

1. Interactive Mirror

One of the most creative mirror that is conceptualized by Alpay Kasal and Sam Ewen which interacts with the user with touch gestures.

2. Skateboard Mirror

Do you love skating? If yes, then I’m sure you will gonna love this mirror design by Suck UK that looks like a skateboard and in the back of it, you’ll find a mirror in which you can how good you are looking while skating.


3. Belvedere Italy Mirror

If Italy is your favorite country or you want to motivate yourself to visit this beautiful country, why not hang the below mirror which has Italy map shape as a design.


4. Razorblade Mirror

If you looking for something creative that you can buy too, you can go for this mirror design which is in the form of an old safety razorblade.


5. Looking Good Sunglasses Mirror

A fantastic and creative mirror design that comes in the form of Ray Ban wayfarer style sunglasses that make sure you check you look good while you go outside by checking your reflection in this cool sunglasses.


6. Criminal Mug Shot Mirror

This is not a house mirror, but a creative campaign by a local taxi company in Cape town that inspires people to take taxis rather than driving after drinking. But, whatever, the fact is, it surely is a creative mirror design I’ve seen while doing research for the article.


7. Tetris Mirror

For those who love the Tetris game. This unusual mirror comes with 13 panels that you can arrange any way you want.


8. Who Tall Are You?

This mirror will help you compare your height with famous celebrities like Johny Depp, Brad Pitt, Kate Winslet, David Beckham, etc. and at the same you can look in the mirror. Featuring more than 120 famous celebrity names, there is one thing sure you’ll find one matching your height.


9. Vous Mirror

How about hanging a mirror in the bathroom that tells you awesome whenever you look at it? Well, your wish is granted and there is one mirror, so don’t waste time, just buy it and feel awesome everyday.


10. Ironing Board Mirror

A creative mirror design that is a great utility wise too. Iron your clothes and then dress up, that is what Aissa Logerot have in mind while creating this ironing board mirror.


11. Jump out Mirror

Designed by MicroWorks from Japan in which there is a removable hand mirror in the mirror which is attached by magnets so that you don’t have to worry it falls.


12. Clipboard Mirror

A simple yet creative mirror which looks like a clipboard at first glance, but when you look closely, you will find a mirror that you can use as a clipboard also.


13. Pereto Moreno Vanity Circle Mirror

A beautiful round wall mirror designed by IrishDesignGroup called as Poreto Moreno vanity circle which is inspired by South American glacier. This mirror is an unusual design in which 12 normal light bulbs are used on the edges of the mirror. Because of these bulbs, it can be used as a wall mount lamp as well as a mirror.


14. Vertana Mirror

Designed by Hida Sangyo, this unusual mirror design comes in reindeer shape that can be used as a clothes hanger.


Personally, I like Pereto Moreno Vanity Circle Mirror and Vous Mirror. Share what’s your take on these unusual and creative mirror designs. Which one(s) would be your pick?

Yogesh Mankani

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