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Must-Have Home Gym Equipments

‘Health is Wealth’! No matter how cliché sounding line this is but people are actually understanding it taking steps to leading a healthy lifestyle. Understanding the health hazards of not working out, and consuming junk food more and more fellows are actually shunning the fast food not quitting it completely initially and then eventually curbing the temptation to have it. Eating healthy food is one part of staying healthy but that doesn’t suffice. Besides healthy intake one needs to burn the calories to stay fit, ensuring not to put on extra kilos.

Now the point is if one is not getting time to hit the gym or join some yoga or aerobics classes what’s the smart way out? Well, if you have extra space in your home, you can go for home gym thing. Yes, you heard it correct! Why not have a corner in your home only which will save on your time and money.

If you are the one with the same idea in mind since long time or if this idea has hit you at this moment, you can anyday begin preparing your home gym. The very first step is to decide which area of your house would you utilize for gym and next comes essentials of home gym.

1. Water Bottle

Water bottle preferably a sipper is a must have in your home gym. In between your workout session take sip of water at regular intervals to keep your energy high. If you don’t already keep a water bottle in your gym then you will have to go out and bring water in the middle of your workout session to get water from the kitchen. So, fill the water bottle before you start your workout. Not just during the workout session, infact throughout the day keep yourself thoroughly hydrated.

Must-have home gym equipment

2. Dumbbell Sets

For strength training you will need dumbbells that are easily portable and too expensive part of gym. While buying the set for your home gym, ensure they are of right weight to help you get effective results. Sand bags, full water bottles, books and similar stuff can serve as the substitute for sometime, if you are unable to get the right type of dumbells.

Must-have home gym equipment

3. Perfectly Fit Outfit 

Some people might argue on the outfit point. However, the outfit plays a major role during the workouts. It s suggested that you should not wear loose fitting outfit instead perfectly fitting one. There needs to be a specific outfit for your workout session. Ensure you have a nice comfortable, stretchable fitting outfit for your workout session.

Must-have home gym equipment

4. Music System/Motivation Music

Music keeps one going during the workout session. Download some thumping beats and create a workout playlist. At some days when one doesn’t feel motivated enough to workout, turning music one will do the trick. It relieves stress, keeps motivated and one tends to do a good workout.

Must-have home gym equipment

5. Timer/Stopwatch

There are many exercises where one needs to test the speed. Keep a timer or a stopwatch to check your improvement.  Using a timer is essential for working out properly with proper time intervals.

Must-have home gym equipment

6. Jump Rope

Jump rope helps in doing superb workout. Its great for cardio workout. Initially you can go for inexpensive fitness rope if you are unsure of making it the part of your workout routine.

Must-have home gym equipment

7. Medicine ball

Medicine ball is good for resistance workouts as it helps in doing various upper and lower body exercises. If you don’t have a medicine ball, you can pick a basketball or soccer ball. Obviously, these are not as heavy as medicine balls but can definitely solve the purpose.

Must-have home gym equipment

8. Fitness Stability Ball

Fitness Stability Ball helps in improving posture and body alignment. You can use it for fitness ball for crunches to sit on while doing dumbbell curls and do various exercises with it.

Must-have home gym equipment

9. Pull Up Bar

With pull up bars installed at home one can do basic gymnastic exercises. Having pull up bars installed at home is definitely worth having.
Must-have home gym equipment

10. Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is a portable workout zone! If you’re at home, there is something motivational about rolling out your yoga mat because it means it’s time to work out. You don’t have to be practising yoga to get good use out of a yoga mat; they are perfect for push ups, sit ups and work great as a non-slip, clean surface for workouts on the go.

Must-have home gym equipment

See, depending upon the type of exercises we wish to include in our workout sessions, the list can vary from person to person. However, we have tried to list down the essentials of home-gym if you planning to have one. Yes, if you wish to go for machine workout and have enough cash in your pockets, pay visit to the store that has all gym machines for workout. For the initial stage, we suggest you to go for the above listed items and slowly add more. Have any suggestions? Let us know!

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