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15 Lovely Open Kitchen Designs That Will Leave you Awestruck

The modern home owners are becoming quite picky when it comes to opt for home items, designing, furniture pieces, home furnishing and likewise. Talk of designing part, each one of us is looking for the elegance, modernity without having to compromise on the comfort.

Be it the bathroom, living area, bedroom, kitchen or anything, one keeps looking for system where everything comes handy, and one doesn’t have to face problem while performing any task. Take the example of a kitchen. Kitchen no more is confined to four walls infact it has expanded making it a big room like area. With a kitchen remodel, you can change your house into the home you’ve wanted.

Yes, you got it right. I am talking about the open kitchen designs. Personally, the idea of the open kitchen fascinates me a lot. The word kitchen reminds me of the Kiki Little Gagdet that Signals when Fruit is Ripening and INSINK 4 in 1 that simplifies your Kitchen Workflow.

Coming to the point, there are genius minds that are making their creative juices flow to come up with superb open kitchen designs keeping in mind the smart functionality too. Some of the beautiful open kitchen designs are pinned below for you all to check and enjoy the perfect visual treat these offers besides leaving you all inspired to come up with such an amazing open kitchen designs for your modern home.

Here are some of the lovely open kitchen design ideas, check them out!

1. Botany House

View of garden while preparing food for the family or having it listening bird chirping is surely soulful.


2. The Botanica

A truly open kitchen with a wooden color scheme and some cabinets st luis that I’m sure you will love. If you are unsure about the gadgets which will go with the kitchen, click here now and get access new useful additions.


3. Rustic Open Kitchen Idea

Another rustic kitchen design I’m sure you gonna love.


4. Modern Farmhouse Open Kitchen

All white color with wooden dining table gives an Oomph effect to this open kitchen in Austin. This would look great with some quartz countertops.


5. Family Kitchen

This one is for those who love to read books everywhere. You can have a dedicated place for your favorite books on the kitchen shelf that you can ready anytime while cooking.


6. Soho Loft

A well designed open kitchen with white wooden shelf and black chairs is just fantastic.


7. Brooklyn Artist Loft

An artist’s loft designed in an artistic way that not only looks classy but minimal too.


8. Suburban Meets Urban

KSID Studio created a unique concept design for a living room that has open kitchen too. The design has a unique seating solution that resulted in an awesome room for large and active family.


9. Minimal Open Kitchen

Nothing looks more elegant and classy than all white color Kitchen. This modern living room has a minimal tint because of the white color and open kitchen looks fantastic.


10. Oaks Hamlet

Another minimal living room with a small open kitchen that is looking fabulous.


11. Open Kitchen in Mid Century Home

Looking for renovating your kitchen? Check the below image in which a mid century kitchen is renovated with a contemporary kitchen with using porcelain tile and lounge chairs.


12. Rustic Napa Valley Farm Home Kitchen

Designed by HarrisonHomes, I love this open kitchen the most because of the natural light that comes directly without interruption.


13. Not-So-Bunglow House

Don’t confuse with the name, Not so bunglow house is more fantastic than any bunglaow just by seeing the kitchen.


14. La Quinta

A classic living room with open kitchen with a wooden roof gives a rustic effect.


15. Family Fun

Designed by Tess Bethune, this is a fun filled open kitchen where you can chit chat with other house members while preparing the dinner.


Isn’t these super amazing open kitchen design ideas worth the time you have spared to check them out? Share your viewpoint with us by leaving your comments below.

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