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Darth Vader and R2-D2 Showerheads for Die Hard StarWars Fans

People nowadays are going picky while shopping for their modern homes. From home designs to furnishing items, furniture pieces; almost anything, each household item is being chosen with extra care. Not just from the customer end, even designers are coming up with such visually appealing products that promise to make consumers drool over. Here are two such products we are going to talk about today.

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How to Host Parties in your Home like a Pro

Who doesn’t like to party with friends on weekends? Happening parties are actually so much fun with foot tapping music, dance, friends enjoying the best time together. Attending parties at a friend’s place are indeed fun as you have no responsibility. However, throwing a party at your home and being a host can sound scary if you are planning to throw a party for friends first time.

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10 Places in your Home to Set Up your Own Home Gym

Few days back we published an article to help you all to find places in your home to place home office, this time we are showcasing some of the awesome home gym ideas that will help you in creating your own gym at home. Whether you have ample space or not, if you have that will get your own personal gym at home, you will find a corner where you can workout.

You can easily transform any room in the house into a home gym and not worry about having to hit the gym. Check out some ways to set your own home gym if you don’t get time to go to the gym regularly.

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Point Hangers : Find The Empty Ones Easily

Well renowned designer Yoon Ho Kim has come up with a line of cool hangers that are not only visually appealing but are are smart utility wise. How? Let me first ask you the simple question. Do you find it difficult to find the empty hangers from your closet where you have hung lot many dresses? Obviously, this takes time too. Isn’t it? If this is one task that you find bugging and wish there was a smart solution then your call has been answered in the form of ‘Point Hangers’.

10 Fengshui Tips to Bring Positive Energy to your Home

Have you ever wondered why, despite enjoying weekends with friends and family, taking out time for oneself, people keep complaining of not happy with what’s around? To put in other words, people are not able to get the higher level of energy. Its the stress-full life that we are leading. People nowadays are focusing more on interior decoration, choosing everything with care. Not just that every bit is taken care of.  Why not when a person comes back home after the whole day in office one expects the relaxing time for themselves, but if everything done on your part is not giving you the positive energy and relaxation then certainly there is something you need to change.

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5 Upcycling Products to Spice Up your Home

Creating your own personal style at home can be a bit of a challenge. Maybe you have hundreds of different ideas, but no way to streamline them into one style. It can be hard to show your personality and of course at the same time, keeping within your budget. Upcycling is a rising theme for home decor and interiors. It is a really good way to add character to your home whilst making good use of recycled materials and doing something a bit different. Not to mention saving money on without needing to buy new and expensive items which may not be as good quality.

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Nimbus : Intelligent Watering System to Water your Plant Automatically

If you are the kind of person who loves plants like me here is a smart pot for you! Designed by Milton B. Watson , here is a smart little pot that sits in your modern homes making sure to do its job smartly and without making any compromise with the elegance. Instead it adds to the charm of the room it sits in.

Namely Nimbus, it is a unique patented intelligent watering system for plants that lets plants to adapt in its environment to determine exactly what amount of water is needed and when it needs it. Rightly, Nimbus can be called as automatic plant watering system because of its unique features.

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Berkshire House: Beautiful Abode Immersed In Nature

All our readers are surely well aware of the categories that our different articles are posted in. There is this Cool Homes category which is my favorite one. In it we post the superb home architectures that are so mesmerizing that we can resist talking about it.

Adding to the list of cool homes that we have talked about in our preceding articles is the one that sits elegantly in the lapse of mother nature. Genius brain at Framework Architecture have come up with a magnificent modern home namely Berkshire House.

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10 Home Cleanliness Tips for Pet Owners

Pets are fast becoming the part of modern families. Animal loving people love keeping pets in their home for miscellaneous reasons of their own. I being one of the pet owner knows the pros and cons of keeping one at your home. Pets indeed are your best friends and when I say cons of keeping pets I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings, I just am talking about the cleanliness of the home that definitely gets hit if you have animals in your home. And sometimes, the house gets real dirty. But thankfully for that, I can just reach out to Professional Pressure Washing near me and have my house immaculate.

‘Marley and Me’ amongst others is one of the best movie based on dog owners that depicts every feeling, emotion, struggles, enjoyment and everything one undergoes. Yes, I agree some dogs are impossible to train but they are not bad!

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