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MIO Modular Furniture Collection that Solves Space Crunch Issue Smartly

With the decreasing sizes of the apartments, the demand of modular home products as in furniture that promise to solve miscellaneous purposes is increasing. People nowadays are going picky and looking for home products that are smart in terms of utility and aesthetically too. Why? Well, most of the home owners are seen complaining of space-crunch and how they fail to manage things and organize their home stuff, as in furniture and storage systems in a proper way. On the top of it, if the guests are home, a lot of hustle and bustle begins to sweep in and somehow, one starts feeling bad about the home being so disorganized.

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16 Ways to Make your Laundry Room Organized

One thing that you all will agree with me is that the laundry rooms are notorious and is the most difficult to keep organized. With so much stuff to pile in, various washing and drying stuff one finds it difficult to organize the stuff in a space-saving manner.
For those of you who are struggling with the same issue and want to know the tips and tricks to keep your laundry room organized here are some of the effective laundry room ideas that will help you save precious space and time.

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8 Unique Dining Tables that will Leave you Awestruck

While on shopping spree for products, furniture, furnishing and other items for your modern home, you will get oodles of choices that will make you drool over. However, if you are the one who loves unique stuff that is not easily seen anywhere in common for your modern interiors then you would be checking out online portals that offer unique classy stuff. Even, we have written an article some days ago showcasing some of the unique bathtubs that are beyond beautiful. Today’s topic revolves around one of the most important piece of home furniture that none can ignore and wishes to get the best one.

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Sergey Makhno Gives a Sense of Luxury to the Buddy's House

Change is the law of nature. While some changes happen, there are many that we need to make efforts to make them happen. As in, talk about home, while some people keep looking for new house if need arises to expand or go for a house bigger in area than the current one, there are many others who think out of the box and come up with remodelling idea. Natalie Sherepa (a co-founder of and her husband Ihor who is a businessman planned something like this. They came up with the idea of extending their living space instead of going for a new flat. After the idea struck into their minds, what they did was they purchased 12 acres of land in Gorenichi village near Kyiv.

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Albus : Small Coffee Capsule Machine Inspired by Supernormal Design

We at EverCoolHomes love talking about smart home appliances that besides promising the aesthetic appeal ensure smart functionality thereby making users the proud owners. Remember, we came up with the posts entitled Minimal Kitchen Appliances Designed by Naoto FukasawaCurattle – Personal Electric Kettle that Suggests Beverages to Users and ‘Making Time’ by Kacey Willard to Enjoy Time Together in which gave the detailed description of the same to help you all make your pick.

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Pack Master – Smart Trash Can for People with Dysfunctional Hands

Creative designers around the world keep thinking out of the box to come up with amazing designs to look elegant and help ease the job of the users. If you start looking for one, you will get innumerable product designs that you would want to take home to enjoy the ease of workflow, add to your modern interiors and to solve other purposes. Dependency on others for any work is something that almost each one of hates. Isn’t it? Whilst some of us don’t know how to get the particular work done there are some people who don’t have no choice than to bank upon others for work.  Yes, I am talking about people with disabilities.

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How to Decorate your Home with All White Color

While brainstorming on the classy ideas to decorate the modern interiors, one comes with oodles of choices.  Innovative ideas for decking up the blank walls left us all amazed  and the inspiring black and white living room designs were no exception to that. There are innumerable ideas that keep popping up and keep adding to the list. Today, we are here with an idea that is for all those who love simplicity and wish to decorate their home in a simple yet classy way.
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8 Breathtaking Eco-chic Homes for Desert Lovers

To meet your different needs and dose of ideas and inspiration, if you all know there is one category that goes by the name Cool Homes. Adding to the queue is a nice not too long but worthy compilation of some of the really chic desert homes designed beautifully. There are lot many people heading to mountains and hilly regions to get rid of the hustle and bustle of metros and other big cities. While on the other hand there is a bunch of people who wish to ditch the chilly, snowy grounds for the love of deserts. We will soon be coming up with the list of nice homes in hilly regions. For now, we have something for the latter bunch.

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10 Super Creative Ways to Deck up your Blank Walls

When it comes to home decoration, there is nothing comparable to simplicity as in minimal designs being opted for barely minimum decorations and decking up the homes. Talk about the walls of the home; while some people prefer blank walls with nothing not even a wall sticker or any wall hanging, there are many people who wish to decorate the walls of their room if not of the complete home with something to add a bit of charm or give it a lively touch.

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