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Petly : Automatic Pet Feeder for Smart Home Owners

Owning a pet is one of the wonderful feeling but then one can’t ignore the little things like vet visits, cleanliness, feeding, providing it water for drinking because unlike human beings, pets cannot do things for themselves. Days back, we talked about the 10 Home Cleanliness Tips for Pet Owners and today we are here to help pet owners heave a sigh of relief. How? The product we are going to talk about here is Petly that’s an automatic pet feeder.

At times whilst handling various household cores, I get so tied up that I forget to feed my pet unless it comes near me showing the cute ‘feed me face’. Petly is surely going to solve this issue and even while I am at office I no more need to worry about feeding my pet; this smart appliance will do the needful. Besides, feeding pets in set amounts at set times proves effective at preventing obesity and keeping your pet hail and hearty.

Here’s a little gist of what exactly Petly does and how. Petly is a household appliance that eases your job of feeding the pet. It automatically provides dry food feedings to your pets at the time you set on the appliance.

The food dispenser is developed Japanese team located at Nagano. Its minimal look makes it kind of product that gels well with the modern interiors. Easy to operate, Petly features simple buttons that enable users to set the appropriate time for your pets’ meals.


Petly is compact, battery operated, and has a 2 litres volume capacity dispenser that is sufficient for around 1 kilogram of dried food. Users can easily set the amount of food ranging from 5 grams to 50 grams and the particular time intervals. There are easily adjustable settings for 1 to 4 daily feedings.



We have listed down some of the key features of Petly for you all to understand how cool the product is. Check them out!

  • Easy to operate. Simple turn and press the dial.
  • Holds 1 kg of dry pet food.
  • The timer and feeding settings requires zero effort.
  • Easy and effortless portability. It comes with the handle for users to carry it easily from one room to another.
  • It is battery operated, so you need not worry about the power outage.
  •  Simple and minimal design to compliment your modern interiors. Its going to be cozy addition to your home.
  • Maximum 1000 gram dry food stocker




Do, I need to spare more words? Well guys this one is one of the coolest gift for your pet that will indirectly be a gift for you too. If you have to go out of your place for the entire day, you no more need to worry about feeding your pet. Do the bit of settings according to the feed amount and number of feeds and leave the rest on petly.

Petly will itself open up with the food for your pet, and when its done, the little box will slightly get back to its original position.

For those interested in buying Petly can get it from Amazon for $349.00


As the video above shows, Petly itself opens up (at the set time intervals) with the food for your pet and when its done, the little box will slightly get back to its original position. Now, leave your home worry free, Petly is there to take care of your pet and feed it at set time intervals.

For those interested in buying Petly can get it from Amazon for $349.00.

Yogesh Mankani

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