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Petsmood : Designer Furniture Collection for Cats and Dogs

Pets now a days have become the important part of modern families. More and more number of families are getting home a new member. While some love cats there are others who go in for dogs. If you are the one who has pets in their home, then I am sure you are following our articles related to pets that we keep coming up with here at EverCoolHomes.

From luxury dog beds to comfy kennels for your pets and products like Petly – automatic pet feeder, we have come up with many write-ups that revolve around pets. If you are fond of pets, but don’t want to compromise with style and classiness. One place where most people miss out on is the harness, it is important for a pet owner to best dog harness to stop pulling and ensuring that your dog is comfortable. We understand that want to keep your modern interiors chic then there are a lot many such pet friendly products that are quite stylish. One such product is Design Wood Feeder Petsmood which has been launched on  crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.


Measuring 18 cm in diameter this cool feeder is available in two sizes viz. 0: 5 cm high that is adapted for cats and very small dogs or other small furry friends  and another one measures 1: 8 cm high, adapted for small/medium dogs.

Available in twelve different wood finishes you can make your pick as per your choice and coordinate it with your interior furnitures.

The inside of the feeder is treated with a finish of PTFE that is used in various households for non-stick coating for pans and other cookware and is in gray color. When the feeder is not in use, you can cover it with the lid. The wood top hides its function and doesn’t look like the feeder instead a small box complimenting modern interior.

The design of the feeder is such that it gets perfectly integrated in your interior adds to the elegance of your home and is best for your pet. Currently the feeder is not available, but then soon it will be up for sale and we here at EverCoolHomes will keep you all posted. Stay tuned in if you wish to know when it goes available so that you can take it home.

The stylish pet feeder is a perfect blend of innovation and smart functionality while offering comfort and maintaining an aesthetic balance of emotions and rationality.

Petsmood Feeder is what exactly its tagline is-For humans and for pets. I am little too curious to take home this lovely Petsmood feeder. Are you?

Yogesh Mankani

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