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Real Estate, Home Construction, and Portable Sanitation: Maximize the Connection

Portable sanitation providers have a wide range of potential clients spread across several sectors such as live entertainment, corporate event management, construction, renovation, film shooting, and real estate to name just a few. However, sanitation companies often focus too much on the live events sector, ignoring other lucrative fields like real estate and construction. A brief look through the potent segments and their regular need for restroom trailers should be enough to highlight the point in question.

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Real Estate: Sales

Open house days can be quite successful in selling larger properties, and sometimes one event is all it takes for the host agency to sell it. To accommodate interested buyers pouring in, any good real estate agent will make sure that there is a restroom trailer that guests can use as needed. Opening the property’s own bathrooms may not be a desirable or hygienic choice, and there is a chance that an active water supply has not yet been made available, or it has been shut temporarily because it is unoccupied.


All construction sites and most renovation sites must have restroom trailers available at the location. The need and demand for portable sanitation are much higher here than it is in any other sector related to home development and sales. It is a legal mandate that businesses cannot ignore without breaking the law.

Multiple workers staying on-site for several hours every day must be given access to one or more working restrooms. New construction sites may not even have a toilet yet, while property renovation sites would not likely have a working one. Before you try to expand your business and tap the lucrative construction market though, ensure that you have enough sanitation trailers available. Consider restroom trailer leasing options to affordably increase your arsenal of portable restrooms, so that the company can supply old and new customers simultaneously without shortage.

Homeowners: Private Events

Compared to live entertainment and corporate events, the private events market is much smaller. Nonetheless, it is a lucrative market that can augment a portable sanitation provider’s current client base. From birthday parties and anniversaries to weekend barbeques and pool parties; if there is a sizable number of guests, the homeowner can benefit from hiring a restroom trailer. Before targeting homeowners, affordable plans with shorter minimum hour requirements should already be in place.

Marketing is always an important aspect of the mobile sanitation business but is especially important when a company is trying to tap into a new market. Your potential customers do not know your company, so targeted branding campaigns are necessary to raise brand awareness. Keep branding and marketing efforts small initially. It will provide you with time to process business potentials from each segment and grow your available fleet of vehicles accordingly. Growing a customer base too fast may lead to a shortage of supply, which in turn can lead to a bad reputation.

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