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Roof Restoration & Repointing Melbourne Homes

There is no denying that Melbourne has a certain level of class that Sydney can only dream about and a certain flair that leaves the Gold Coast looking rather bland. Part of that style comes from the beautiful houses and unique charm that is Melbourne.

Although saying that Melbourne is a city of style should go without saying, form and function are important to Melbournite’s as well. So, when it comes to homes, we look for cool in summer, warm and winter, and absolutely weather tight.

Unfortunately to achieve this, sometimes it means that the roof will need some love and attention of a professional roofing expert, but the upside is that if you are replacing, upgrading or looking to restore your roofing there are so many products on the market to choose from.

Building To Code

Roofing is one of those areas where you really do want to ensure that you are working with a qualified master builder. A fence put up by some guy from down the pub won’t invalidate your insurance if it falls down. A poorly constructed roof can cause untold amounts of damage, particularly if a decent Melbourne winter causes leak. – worse if it’s a slow leak that you don’t notice until substantial damage had already been done.

Although most DIYers do know how to put up a few sheets of nova roof, you want to ensure that your building practitioner has competently installed and waterproofed your roof.

If you have used an Australian registered building practitioner you have a greater level of protection is something does go wrong with either the product or the workmanship – and your household insurance is more likely to kick in, leaving the insurance company to do the hard yards and fight the battle on your behalf.

Do You Really Need A New One?

Sometimes a builder will suggest that the state of your current tile or iron roof means that it really should be replaced. However, particularly in the case of tile, get a couple of quotes, as although it won’t make the builder as much as a full roofing replacement, sometimes all your tile roof really needs is an expert clean.

Terracotta Tiles

A very common issue with Melbourne roofs is when their terracotta tiles are covered in moss. Not only does this look unsightly and really make your entire house look unappealing, but it can increase the wear on your tiles and raise the likelihood that you will end up with leaks.

Your roofing repair expert should be able to give you solid advice. You may need to replace a few tiles that have been left too long, but with luck you might get several more years from your roof by just getting a professional pressure clean. Ensure that your contractor is going to be applying a de-mossing solution or a solution that will help prevent moss growing back in the near future – and that they have included this product in their quote.


With tile roofs you may find that leaking is caused by break down in the compound that is used to help hold the tiles in place and to seal them from the elements. For over 20years you will find that a flexible pointing compound has generally been used with roofing tiles, which is far less likely to crack and cause leaks that the concrete based motor used previously. If your house was built before 1990 you may want to get a roofing plumber or tiler to come and check the pointing in particular.  

Generally, the roofing experts suggest that you should have your tile roof inspected at least every ten years, and usually have the roof repointed in this timeframe as well. However, this will of course depend on your exposure and weather conditions.

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