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Ruggie : Unusual Alarm Clock for Sleep Lovers

Sound sleep at night promises the rejuvenation and one feels fresh the next morning. But then how many of you are able to make to the bed early to get up early the next morning that too fresh? The hectic day’s schedule sometimes leads to the lazy mornings and one wishes to be out of the bed on time to meet the next day’s deadlines. Thankfully, there are some of the cool clocks that promise to wake us up by raising the alarm. Remember the 15 unusual and creative alarm clocks we listed down here on our blog a few days back?

If you found them cool. Here is another one to raise the bar and set the benchmark. Ruggie is one coolest clock that will leave your eyebrows raised in wonder.


Brainchild of designer Winson Tam, Ruggie is an alarm clock that is unique in its on ways. Firstly, it is an alarm clock that unlike usual ones is a clock in the rug form. It has over-snoozed the alarm several times and resonates with the feeling of being late.

This unusually cool rug plus alarm clock Ruggie promises to help people overcome the lure of the warm, comforting bed and kill laziness with a purposeful step.



Features of Ruggie

1. Guaranteed Snooze Proof Sensor needs to sense your pressure for at least 3 seconds before it shuts off!

2. Motivation to Start Your Day : Ruggie can play any custom sound you wish it to play. All you got to do is simply connect it to your computer via USB and then drag in the sound files you desire.

3. Tells Time By Simply Touching : Ruggie has bright LED display that activates to your touch. It works as night light too.

4. Soft Memory Foam : It is an incredibly soft slow-rebounding memory foam rug that is wrapped with a felt finish to provide the user maximum comfort.

5. Wake up to Soothing Alarms : You no more have to wake up to a blaring beeping noise, choose soothing alarm sounds by simply usimg the hidden control keys to change and set alarm of your choice.

The carpet alarm clock asks you to step on it for at least 3 seconds to stop the buzzing. thereby forcing you to come out of bed and get set go for another productive day. Once you are out of your bed for few seconds, you wouldn’t want to go back to the bed instead move out of the comfy bed and start off your day.

Ruggie is the first alarm clock of its kind that comes with a unique minimalistic yet highly effective design. The good news is that it is already a functioning prototype. Despite, some hurdles that can pop up in the process of production, you can soon expect Ruggie to be available for purchase to streamline your morning routine and make your days more productive.

Trust me, getting out of bed has never been so easy. With Ruggie, you effortlessly create successful morning routines and wake up motivated everyday!

Rajni Setia

Rajni is a Mass Communication post graduate with good know-how of the online media. With seven years of experience in content writing she is currently handling various blogs. Her areas of interest are not limited to one or two things instead lot many like home decor, fashion, tattoos and anything that appears soothing to eye.

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