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Selecting Hardware After A Kitchen Redo With Cabinet Makers In Brisbane

Once you remodel your kitchen in Brisbane and the shell is in place, you can begin to think about the accouterments, such as the handles that go on the cabinets. These might seem like a trivial concern, but they add a layer of aesthetic to the room’s design, plus they are practical.

The kitchen is one of the messiest spaces in the home. It is not only where people cook, but it’s a place to socialize and work or do other activities. The cabinet surfaces, sadly take a great deal of abuse, decreasing the lifespan of the material because hands transfer oils from fingers and other substances like food, drinks, condiments, and everything you touch.


With knobs or pulls added to your Fine Design cabinetry, you have something to grab hold of, saving exposure to the cupboard material. These come in a vast array of styles with many finishes to complement or even contrast the design to add a layer of interest to the scheme. It is often interesting when homeowners mix things up instead of having everything fall into one theme.

The Hardware Needs To Accentuate The Beauty Of The Kitchen Cabinetry In Brisbane

The last thing you should decide on when remodeling your kitchen in Brisbane is the hardware for your cabinetry. When you choose high-quality cupboards from Fine Design Furniture Brisbane cabinet makers, you want to maintain the integrity of the material by avoiding family and friends touching the surfaces. 

That means using knobs or handles for people to grab onto for opening the doors. But aside from functionality, these pieces should add a layer of beauty to the kitchen aesthetic. You’ll want to take considerable time and consideration when selecting the right hardware to adorn your freshly installed custom-made units. Some factors to consider include:

** Should You Choose A Pull Or A Knob?

There are no definitive guidelines when determining whether to use a knob or a pull, or if you should incorporate each. One recommendation is to use pulls with drawers and select knobs for the doors. 

It’s more of a struggle to jiggle a drawer open with a knob instead of pulling it out with hardware that you can grab with your hand. For those who prefer a cohesive look for the entire cabinetry, you can implement pulls on all the surface areas instead of merely on the drawers.

It creates a more contemporary feel with the choices available on the market today. If you choose a traditional style pull, it can go that way also. If you opt for all knobs with drawers and doors, this is something that was a trend in older homes at a time when there was a limitation on hardware choices.

You want a kitchen to feel light and airy, fresh, and clean, so whichever option you choose, the pieces should not appear heavy or they will add weight to the room dragging it down.

** Which Shape Do You Like?

You should already have the basic design in place including the light fixtures. There needs to be a familiar design concept in the cabinets, the fixtures, and the edging for the counters. Go to to see a variety of cabinet designs. You’ll notice there is either a curve in the lines or more of a square. You will want to continue that with the pulls or knobs.

These pieces might not be literate in their shape, but you will see perhaps square contours or curved pieces with a soft edge but much detail. You might not be able to make this determination and may need some help with this design element, so it all falls into place as you would like.

** The Finish

The most popular choices for homeowners are brushed nickel or chrome for hardware, but there are numerous aside from these that can add more interest to the room. There is no rule saying your cupboard knobs need to match the finish of your faucet. It merely needs to complement the room.

If you have a brushed nickel faucet or a brushed stainless there are many finishes that can enhance this feature including oil-rubbed bronze, rust, aluminum, satin brass, either dark or light bronze, antique pewter, and black matte.

For a chrome faucet, the finishes that work best are not as plentiful but include dark bronze, white, pewter, clear glass, or black.

But you do not have to stay within the rules. There is a certain charm with going against the grain and adding your own sense of style with the hardware. These are not things that you cannot change easily if you need to move at a moment of notice so adding a piece of your personality in this respect is an ideal opportunity. 

** Comfortability

Many of us take comfortability for granted. But if the knob or pull causes any kind of discomfort for you, the cabinet will receive the abuse. No one will want to grab onto it, instead reaching for the cabinet. That defeats the purpose for having the knobs in the first place.

There are some suppliers who will send a sample of their product to a consumer to test before there is a commitment to purchase. The only requirement in these promotions is that you pay shipping. There is no obligation to buy. It is a wise option to see which pieces you are most pleased with before you spend a substantial amount of money fitting the whole room.

Final Thought

The kitchen cabinets decide the overall aesthetic of the kitchen, but the hardware you choose for the cupboards ultimately defines the space. Check this link for guidance on choosing cabinets. We look to the structure to give us our baseline, to provide the foundation and determine the style, and then the accouterments add the flourish or the “icing.”

No matter how big or how small the design element, each piece should fit together seamlessly to create the overall effect. You can either mix or match styles to create an eclectic feel between the cupboards and the pulls, or you can let your cabinets/knobs decide whether you go minimalist, traditional, contemporary, vintage, or timeless. The hardware is ultimately what will finish your story.

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